Summer in Qatar - 6 Reasons Why Visiting a Waterpark Is a Must-Do activity -

6 Reasons Why Visiting a Waterpark Is a Must-Do activity in Summer!

Now that Summer has officially kicked off and the temperature soaring. A trip to a waterpark should be a mandatory summer event in Qatar for every family. Even if you have a pool in your compound, the fun of a waterpark simply can’t be matched anywhere else.

  1. Stop being an adult: Going on a Boomerango with a lot of surprise twist and turns is more fun than to discuss politics at an expensive coffee shop. Kids are very smart and they know where to find happiness. Grab a rubber ring and enjoy extreme Aqua Sports making your heart race right from the start to finish.
  2. You are freed not only from your work clothes but also work tensions: It doesn’t matter if your suit cost QR 300 or QR 5000. A bathing suit is always more comfortable and lets the waves carry you and your tensions away at a wave pool in the water park.
  3. Your problems aren’t that big: It’s natural to feel too busy visiting a water park. “I have a lot of work to do and how can I waste my time on such childish things. Water Park is just for kids and not for me”. Please ignore those voices. You have so much fun that you realize just how unimportant most of your problems are. Just grab a tube, and allow the currents drift you around while you enjoy an amazing and special relaxation therapy at Jacuzzi
  4. You let go of your inhibitions: You are never more real than when you’re hurtling down an Aquatic version of Formula 1 racing. You cannot be yourself. It feels great. On the scariest slides, you probably feel like screaming. Nobody will think you’re weird.
  5. Undisturbed fun and time to laugh hard: A water park isn’t real life. This is 100% pure fantasy. So, nothing can get in the way of you having fun. No phone calls. No emails. You get to spend the entire time with your family undisturbed. If you visit a water park with your family and not laugh then there is something wrong with you. Water Park is a place with a ton of fun along the way. 
  6. You come home exhausted – really exhausted: After a trip to a water park, all you can do is to have a sound sleep. The next day you feel completely refreshed.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Everyone can benefit from a day at a water park. If you’re looking for an Aqua Adventure or just an awesome day out, then look no further than Aqua Park Qatar. Check out Aqua Park’s limited time offers during Ramadan. Book your tickets online and beat the summer!

Ramadan is the time of togetherness. Aqua Park in Qatar is one of the coolest places to hang out during the summer in Qatar and it’s only a short drive away from Doha.  Enjoy with your family at Aqua Park Qatar which features a wave pool, lazy river, surfing machine & a range of waterslides.


Aqua Park Qatar – Ramadan Offer (Offer available at the gate ticket counter)

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