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People moving to Qatar for employment or on a family visa or for a stay more than a month are required by law to take a medical exam.  The purpose of which is to protect the health of the people who live in Qatar and prevent the spread of infectious diseases from people who move in to Qatar

For Workers:

Before Arrival:

All new workers wishing to work and live in Qatar have to do a health screening after landing in Qatar to receive a Work Residence Permit (RP). It is mandatory for the Job seekers from the below list of countries to undergo a

Separate medical check-up at home through one of the below Abroad Health Centers before coming to Qatar:

Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sudan

On Arrival:

Before undergoing the Medical Commission exam, you have to obtain a blood-type certificate from any authorized clinic and

After obtaining blood-type certificate, you should go to Medical Commission and they will undergo tests which comprises of blood test and chest X-ray. You will be screened for diseases including Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

Those working in restaurants, barber shops, laundries, health clubs and other public places are required to undergo annual health checks.

For Families:

For workers’ families the same rules apply. Each adult family member (over the age of 18) is required to have a medical examination by law.

Post Medical Screening

So Medical test is over, next step is to register your fingerprints digitally (only for 18 & above years) with the Ministry of Interior after completing the medical test. The fingerprinting headquarters is located on Salwa Road off the Industrial Area flyover. Other centres are located in the below areas for the convenience of people

  • Al Khor
  • Mesaimeer
  • Duhail
  • Al Shamal
  • Industrial Area (near Nissan roundabout)

 Location Map: Click here to find the Medical Commission location

 Private Hospitals:

 The Medical Commission is responsible for conducting the health exam and is located on Al Muntazah Street off E-Ring Road. Three other private hospitals are authorized to carry out the mandatory procedure for a fee:


Comments (3)

  • Sameer

    If someone has undergone a medical test & medical report says some problem in X-ray. what is the solution to overcome this problem & be declared medical fit.

    • admin

      Dear Mr. Sameer,

      People who failed in Medical examination due to various reasons have got back to the medical commission and in some cases, they have given a reference letter and sent to Rumailah Hospital or HMC for a checkup. They will further test you & confirm if the initial findings are right and provide fitness certificate based on the new findings. Some expats have told that a referral paper is given, and that, you have to take it to HMC and normally are completed in 1 week.

      The below reply is completely based on the experiences shared by other expats and it is not recorded or referred anywhere and is not responsible for authentication of this information.

  • Vinod

    After medical test I am getting “Please refer to the Medical Commission” message in the RP Application tracking . Should I wait or need to go and meet Medical commission

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