How to convert Family Visit visa to Resident Visa in Qatar (2019)

Below are some of the common questions which arise among expats who want to bring their family on a permanent resident visa in Qatar.

  • How to convert a family visit visa to a resident visa in Qatar?
  • How to change my wife visit visa to permanent resident visa in Qatar?
  • Do my family need to exit the country when I change their visit visa to a resident visa in Qatar?
  • Can I apply for a resident visa when my wife and children are already in Qatar on a visit visa?
  • What is the procedure to convert a family visit visa to a family resident visa?
  • What are the additional charges if I convert family visit visa to Qatar family resident visa?

Before we proceed to the procedure you should aware that

  • You need to have an employment contract and also a local employer to act as a sponsor
  • Your employer must get your employment contract attested by the Ministry of Labour
  1. Before applying for a family visa (ignore this step if you have already done it for a visa extension), get your wife medical done for a visa extension at Mesaimer Medical commission. This is a usual medical procedure which you got to do for the visit visa extension. You will be charged QAR 100. No need for kids below 12 years of age. However, they will just charge 100 QAR per kid and give a fitness report without any medical test. The receipt will say “Visa Extension”.
  2. After 2-3 working days, check the status on Medical Commission website. Sometimes it happens within a day also.
(Next step is the actual application submission for Resident Visa. Application and documents required are same irrespective of whether you apply when they are inside the country or outside Qatar)
  1. Visit any immigration service counter. We suggest visiting the immigration service center located in Madinat Khalifa / Gharaffa office with the application form and all the required documents to office Gate 3 (Click here to get directions).
(Good to go in the morning hours. Between 6 am to 9 am)
  1. Once you go inside Gate 3, take a token from the kiosk for resident visa submission, wait for your turn and reach the counter.
  2. Submit the application along with the documents (Read this article for complete details –
  3. The person at the counter will check your documents and ask for originals most of the times to validate. Once everything is clear, they will take the application and issue an acknowledge receipt with the application number.
  4. After 3 working days, check MoI Website (Home >> Visa Services) for the status of your Resident visa application.
  • Application is under review’ – Status after you submit the visa application
  • Under Process’ – Status after the visa application accepted
  • ‘Ready to Print’ – Once visa application approved
  1. Once your visa status shows ‘Ready to Print’. Then, visit the Visa service centre again and pay the fees with the acknowledgment you received after you submit. You will be charged the below fee,
  • QAR 200 for converting visit visa to residence visa
  • QAR 500 for getting the visa without exiting Qatar
  1. Go to Medical commission with the paid receipt and downloaded visa copy. Ask them to do a medical to convert visit visa to residence visa.
(There is no medical checkup this time as it has been done already. You got to pay and take receipt)
  1. Pay QAR 100 again and they will give you a receipt mentioning ‘Residence / Work visa’.
  2. Visit counter No. 64 inside the medical commission and they will update the status in the system and it will then be sent to the office where the fingerprint will be carried out.
  3. Once you get SMS confirmation, visit the Mesaimer fingerprinting office with all your receipts along with your family (Not required to take kids) and get fingerprint done and collect the acknowledgment.
  4. After this, you have to wait for 3-4 working days. In the meantime, make sure to obtain a blood group report of the applicant. You can do this at any medical clinic or a hospital in Qatar.
  5. Visit the immigration office again to process applicants Qatar ID (QID). This time to Gate No.2. Take with you all the documents, receipts, acknowledgments including the one you got from fingerprint office. Also, take passport size photographs for the applicants. The applicant also should come along with you.
  6. You are done now.

We tried our best to cover all the important steps and information which will help you to clarify all your doubts regarding resident visa. However, if you any further information please send us your questions through the comment section and we will try to answer you at the earliest.

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  • Josephine

    Good morning my name is would like to ask some questions Base on visit visa, My brother brought me in on a visit visa and he has a family here in Qatar. Is it possible for him to convert my visa to family residence to get qid

  • Imran Khan

    Can we Convert family visit visa of my Parents into permanent Resident Visa. if yes, then please guide me the process.

  • ALI

    Can I get a job if I am on a family visa? It’s been 6 months since I arrived….
    Pls tell me about working visa

  • raaz


    my wife is on family visit visa and she got job offer,
    do she need to exit the country or can it be done from here

    • admin

      Hi Raaz,

      No need. She is not going to change the visa. As she already on your visa, Employer will only apply for Labour card and for that no need to exit. Convey our best wishes to your wife. Thank you for visiting Please like us on

  • napmo

    how about your salary is not enough and your profession is not qualified in that requirements, any option? because i dont want to send my family to our country.

  • emmanuel okoro


    i intend to bring my family (wife + 4 children) to Qatar. i am on paid employment of QAR5,000 monthly.
    Will i be eligible to bring them in? if yes, what is the procedure?
    Awaiting your feedback. Thank you

  • Hk

    My wife will stay in qatar only 1 week … next saturday to sunday of the next week due to some reasons . She is under family visit visa .
    1/ is it enought for medical check up ,fingerprint and ID ISSUING ?
    2/ while ID issuing she must be in Qatar or I can do it by my self ?
    What is your advice .
    Thank you

    • admin

      Hi. You need to have at least 10 days on a safer side. If it happens in a week, well and good. She should be here to get the card and exit as a resident using the ID card. She cannot exit the country while the visa is under process. All the best – Team

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