Metrash2 offers new e-services – Replacing vehicle plates, Writing off vehicles, Criminal complaints, Adding newborn to the national address, Employees list for travel notification

Metrash2 app offers wide range of services offered by MoI Qatar to citizens and expats. All services offered through Metrash2 app can be availed at the convenience of a mobile app without physically visiting the respective service departments.

Citizens and expat residents in Qatar use Metrash2 widely and get their services done at ease. MoI on a tweet today has announced that many new e-services has been included on Metrash2 app. Below are the new services included as mentioned on it official tweet,

  • Replacing vehicle plates
  • Writing off vehicles
  • Criminal complaints
  • Adding newborn to the national address
  • Employees list for travel notifications (adding, removing, and inquiry)

Metrash2 app services includes visit visa services to individuals, Company sponsored visit visa services, Resident Permit (RP) services, Exit Permit Services, Traffic violation payments and many other General services related to traffic. All this can be availed at a touch of few buttons on mobile devices.

Metrash2 is a free services provided by MoI Qatar. Register for the service, download the app and install the application on your mobile. Simple and User friendly interface. Most of the services related to traffic department are available on Metrash2. You can avail such services from your mobile which saves your time and effort.

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