Tenancy contract for company provided accommodation – Family Resident Visa in Qatar

If you are reading this article, then you must be in Qatar already or moving to Qatar. Also, you must be planning to bring your family. Welcome to Qatar and Good luck!

If you want to apply for a family visa in Qatar to bring your wife and children, then you need to provide a set document as proof. Although many say it is not so easy to get family visa in Qatar if you are eligible to bring your family and have all the proper documents it is a simple process. (The complete guide to bringing your family to Qatar under Family Resident Visa)

Tenancy contract is an important document you need to provide to obtain a family visa in Qatar. For some employers, the employee provides family accommodation. In most of the cases, you got to find and pay from your pocket.

In case your company is providing accommodation to you as a part of the salary package, then make sure it has been clearly mentioned in your employment contract. Also, the contract should be attested by the Ministry of Labour. Otherwise, you will have trouble in getting a family visa processed.

While you apply for family visa in Qatar, in place of the tenancy contract you need to do the below.

  • Request your company to provide a tenancy contract in your company letterhead.
  • The letter should state that you are working in this company and staying in the accommodation provided by your company.
  • They need to mention that the accommodation provided to you is family accommodation and that particular space is given to you alone.
  • Visit the respective municipality and get the letter attested.
  • This letter stands as a tenancy contract to apply for a family visa.

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