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Abhinandan Varthaman will be released tomorrow, Pakistan PM Imran Khan announced today

IAF pilot Abhinandan captured by Pakistan army after being shot down over PoK during a fight with Pakistan Air Force jets yesterday. Abhinandan Varthaman who was captured by Pakistan army on Wednesday will be released tomorrow. This announcement was released by Pakistan PM Imran Khan today.

This is a Victory of our Diplomacy, Our Government, Our Armed Forced and Ultimately We The People Of India. QatarIndians team welcome this move and happy that our hero Abhinandan return. It is a welcome gesture from Pakistan PM Imran Khan on the unconditional release of our brave heart #Abhinandan. Both India and Pakistan has to build mutual trust beyond all the political interest.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan while addressing the nation’s parliament on Thursday. He is expected to return to India tomorrow through the Wagah border.

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In his address, Khan said that Wing Commander Abhinandan will be released on Friday as a gesture of peace. This was unanimously supported by the Pakistan parliament. He said this is a first step to open negotiations between India and Pakistan. Imran Khan said that he tried to talk to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi as escalation was not in their interests nor in India’s.

Also in his address, Imran Khan once again urged India to not escalate the tension with Pakistan. “I am requesting the Indian dispensation to not escalate [military action] from this point. Because then we will be forced to respond and retaliate, and that will not be a happy situation for both nations,” Imran Khan said.

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