Automatic exceptional entry permit issued upon departure for Qatar residents traveling abroad | With effect from Sunday, 29-November 2020 | Qatar’s travel policy

Automatic exceptional entry permit upon departure for Qatar residents traveling abroad | With effect from Sunday, 29th November 2020

In a statement announced by Government Communications Office (GCO) on 26th November 2020, it has been announced that in continuation of the procedures for gradually lifting the coronavirus restrictions imposed in the State of Qatar and based on health indicators in Qatar and internationally, and on previously announced Qatar’s travel policy, following are the changes made to the exceptional entry permit

For Residents currently in Qatar:

  • Automatic exceptional entry permits will be issued upon departure to residents who are currently in Qatar and wish to travel outside Qatar and return.
  • Residents or their employer can obtain copy of the exceptional entry permit from the Ministry of Interior’s website
  • Exceptional entry permit will now be available automatically upon resident’s exit (departure) from Qatar

For Residents currently outside of Qatar:

  • Automatic exceptional entry permit will not be available for residents who are currently outside the state of Qatar
  • Residents outside Qatar when they return to Qatar must apply for the exceptional return permit via Qatar e-governmental Portal

Quarantine Procedure:

  • Irrespective of the destination, Quarantine period will be for 1 week for those who return to the state of Qatar
  • Home quarantine will be permitted for those who arrive from countries with low risk of COVID 19 listed under “Green List” by the Ministry of Public Health’s (MoPH). Click here to find “Green List” countries.
  • Hotel quarantine for all those who arrive from countries which are not listed under “Green List”
  • For those who use shared quarantine facilities, quarantine period will be for two weeks.

The decision is based on national and international epidemiology statistics.

COVID-19 Test:

  • A Coronavirus (Covid-19) test will be conducted upon arrival if the traveler has not taken a test 48 hours before arriving in Doha by one of the Ministry of Public Health’s accredited COVID-19 testing Centers
  • On the 6th day from the date of arrival to Doha, a second Coronavirus (Covid-19) test will be conducted.
  • Until the results of the second Coronavirus (Covid-19) test is obtained, the Ehteraz app status will continue to remain yellow

These decisions will come into effect from 29th (Sunday) of November 2020. To know more visit the Ministry of Public Health’s website.

Source: GCO Qatar


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