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Qatar to soon have a man-made forest

Qatar to soon have a man-made forest

by QI Correspondent

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) first planted the idea of an ambitious project to grow a man-made-forest with 95,000 trees, around a huge sewage treatment plant in Umm Salal Ali, north of Doha in 2016.

Today, that dream has borne fruit with the project, developed by Nakheel Landscapes, almost near completion and is to include two lakes spread over 280,000 square metres located close to each other, and also four islands.

Various types of trees, some of them brought from different parts of the world appropriate to the desert environment have been planted; reeds and shrubs are being cultivated and artificial lakes established.

Trees have been carefully selected as they do not consume water in large quantities. There is a mixture of local and also decorative varieties of trees that are able to resist the harsh desert climatic conditions of Qatar.

The different trees have been planted in such a way that some sections are very dense and some sections not so dense.

A variety of flowering trees are being planted to line the entrance roads to the STW. Once the planting process within the landscaped area is completed, the desert area surrounding Doha North STW will be transformed into a man-made forest.

The Doha North Sewage Treatment Works Plant is one of Qatar’s strategic projects and aims to produce high-quality treated effluent for irrigation of plants at public parks and landscapes.

Treated water from the Doha North Sewage Treatment Works Plant will be used for irrigating the man-man made forest and is completely automated. The Plant is all set to bring down dependency on drinking water for irrigation.

A man-man made forest in Qatar will help filter air, water and sunlight, and support and provide shelter to birds and animals. This will help moderate the climate of Qatar by taking in greenhouse gases like CO2 that cause global warming, release more oxygen and reduce air pollution. It can even help change weather patterns and promote rainfall in the area.

The forest aims at reducing the carbon emissions by releasing more oxygen to the air to minimize the impact of the treatment plant. Special technology is being used to control the odour.

The look of the whole area is to be that of a public recreational park; there will be approximately 50 picnic spots and a number of hiking tracks for those who bring their families for a day out. There will also be a bird lagoon for the avid bird watchers. Boating and other facilities and activities are also planned.

So Qatar will soon have its own man-made forest that will not only provide a natural ‘breathing lung’ on the outskirts of the city but also provide a relaxing natural recreational place for citizens, residents as well as visitors alike.

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Qatar residents get rare chance to witness the partial lunar eclipse

Qatar residents get rare chance to witness the partial lunar eclipse

Qatar residents got a rare opportunity on Tuesday night (16th July 2019) to view this year’s final lunar eclipse at the Althuraya planetarieum in Katara.

They watched the moon passing through a different phase as it hides behind the earth and melted into its shadow starting from 11 pm on Tuesday night and lasted till the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Katara had extended an open invitation to all sky watchers interested in seeing the partial lunar eclipse that was also visible throughout almost of Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and North America.

According to Qatar Calendar House expert Dr. Beshir Marzouk, the last lunar eclipse of this year was kind of a partial eclipse of the moon, as the shadow of the earth obscured 65.3% of the entire moon disc when the eclipse of the moon reached its peak.

What is Partial lunar eclipse and why it happens?

This was because, the center of the moon, the earth, and the sun were in one straight line, so the earth was in the middle between the sun and the moon, blocking part of the sun falling on the moon, the QCH astronomy expert explained.

All stages of the eclipse took five hours and thirty-four minutes from the beginning of the eclipse to the end. So tonight skywatchers in Qatar had a unique chance to watch the final eclipse of 2019 and witness all the different phases of this lunar phenomenon.

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Qatar Rail:  Metroexpress service launched for metro users in the West Bay region

Qatar Rail has announced the launch of the Metroexpress service for metro users in the West Bay region as part of its efforts to provide integrated transportation solutions for Doha Metro passengers.

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Metroexpress – Qatar Rail announces the launch of Metroexpress service

Metroexpress – Qatar Rail announces the launch of Metroexpress service 

by QI Correspondent

Qatar Rail has announced the launch of the Metroexpress service for metro users in the West Bay region as part of its efforts to provide integrated transportation solutions for Doha Metro passengers.

Metroexpress is a free trial ride-sharing service, currently covering the West Bay QIC and DECC station areas, according to Qatar News Agency. The free trial ride-sharing service provides quick and convenient access to DECC and West Bay QIC metro stations from points of interest in West Bay, and vice versa.

The service can be booked through its designated App. The application places seats in a single vehicle for multiple passengers travelling to one destination and through software connected to a navigation system that directs the driver of the vehicle to reach the passengers at the desired time and place, walking the shortest possible route.

The pilot service will be provided free of charge to encourage passengers to use the Metroexpress service and to evaluate the effectiveness of this service. This service is provided strictly for Doha Metro customers registered with Qatar Rail and is to be used only in conjunction with a metro journey.

Metroexpress service operates during the current Doha Metro hours from 6 am to 11 pm.

This service will reduce the number of private cars, reduce parking problems in the West Bay area, and also reduce wasting time on the roads. Metroexpress uses a fleet of branded Mercedes Vito vans, seating 7 people per vehicle. Users are required to register a separate account with the Metroexpress app.

The Metrolink feeder bus service launched earlier by Qatar Rail has been serving a large number of Doha Metro passengers since its inception. The feeder bus service, being operated in association with Mowasalat, has been providing transportation to commuters around a specific area to and from the stations. They halt only at designated stops as a safety measure.

According to a previous report, many commuters were quoted as praising the benefits of the free bus service, especially at Al Wakra which also takes them to key destinations such as Ezdan Mall, Al Wakrah Hospital, Al Wakrah Sports Club and the Traffic Department, among others.

They lauded the Metrolink feeder bus service, saying it provides “a huge relief” while travelling to and from the Metro station, as well as going to a number of destinations such as the hospital and Ezdan Mall.

While the feeder bus service is currently free, it is learnt that charges may apply later on as smart card payment machines have already been installed on these buses. One passenger said a possible plan to charge passengers a minimal fee is reasonable and will be still cheaper than taking a taxi or limousine, which costs QR8 to QR15 on an average.

The new metroexpress on-demand service operates Sunday to Thursday from 06:00 – 23:00.

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QCLF – First Edition Of ‘Qatar Cultural and Literature festival’ To Be Held In Doha

QCLF – First Edition Of ‘Qatar Cultural and Literature festival’ To Be Held In Doha

New Delhi/Doha, July 09, 2019:

Qatar Cultural and Literature Festival (QCLF) is going to be the first big shot event to take place internationally by Question Associates Pvt Ltd. Scheduled to happen on July 11th and 12th, the event will have prominent celebrities/artists from India as well as eminent personalities from Doha. Some of the key names include Mika Singh (Indian singer), Piyush Mishra (actor/poet), Chetan Bhagat (Indian author), Laxmi Agarwal to name a few.  From Doha, we have Zunira Malik, Amal Al Aathem, Rashmi Agarwal and Mervat Ibrhaim to name a few. The two-day event is sure to bring the two countries closer through art and culture, and help strengthen the amicable bond.

Mika Singh’s concert will be on the first day of the event and is surely going to be a musical night to cherish and remember for the audience. Apart from the concert, the first day would be lined with book launches as well, giving a sneak peek into the literature and creative work by the authors.

The second day would include an opening session by Chetan Bhagat on ‘Making a nation read’. Followed by poetry performance by Piyush Mishra, and various cultural performances and also panel discussions. It shall also have a panel discussion on women empowerment titled as ‘Empower women, empower society’.

For detailed QCLF event flow and list of speakers/artists, please refer to the below annexures.

Commenting on the occasion, Ruhi Ganguly, Festival Producer and CEO of Question Associates Pvt. Ltd. says ‘I am very excited to see this combination of 2 such rich cultures on the same platform. We are not just having speakers from India but we also have speakers from Doha. Seeing them having a conversation on various important issues will be very interesting. I believe we all are one at heart and with this festival we will be able to share our feelings and about our rich cultures with each other to get to know each other in a better way.’ Earlier, we have successfully organized the event AEOD dance competition recognized by Guinness book of world record.

Ruhi Ganguly, Festival Producer, and CEO is feeling Proud to announced her refined core team here.
  1. Anamika Mishra – Festival Director
  2. Ankit Satija – Festival Producer
  3. Deepali Verma-Festival Coordinator

Festival Director and award-winning author Anamika Mishra also quoted, ‘this is my first time in Doha and I have already fallen for the city. I feel privileged to direct this festival as we will get to see an interesting amalgamation of 2 different cultures on our platform. It also feels great to see such a positive response from the people of Qatar for our show. I am hoping for an amazing event. Touchwood!’

‘The people of Doha are really friendly and supporting. We didn’t face any problem despite having different languages and culture. I believe our festival is all about the same. We come from diverse backgrounds but that doesn’t stop us in communicating and exchanging ideas. With this festival, we will surely be able to create a benchmark’, quoted the Festival Producer Ankit Satija.

‘Being a coordinator of this festival, at first, I thought I will have a hard time in coordinating because we were working from India but I was surprised to see the level of support that we got from Doha. People who are connected with us from Doha have made it easier for me to work for the event. I am humbled to see the response and excitement in both nations. Just keeping my fingers crossed now!’ quotes the festival coordinator Deepali Verma.

The core team at Q&A is very much excited for this event and has plans for more of such events in the middle-east in the following months.

Events such as these prove crucial and vital for developing a cordial relationship between the countries involved through such exchange of art and literature. Such cross-boundary events should be given maximum support. And also recognition owing to the deep impact it has on the native people, bringing everyone closer.

Our esteemed Guests of Honor list includes Sheikha Ayiesha, Ambassador of India (Qatar) Mr. P. Kumaran, Chairman of NHRC Dr. Ali Bin Smaikh Al Marri, Consultant of Fine Arts Ministry of Culture & Sports (Qatar) Amal Al Aathem and From India, we are expecting our honourable culture minister Shri Mr. Prahlad Singh Patel and member of Lok Sabha Shri Manoj Tiwari ji as our Chief Guests.

QCLF - First Edition Of ‘Qatar Cultural and Literature festival’ To Be Held In Doha

Press Release – QCLF 

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Scam Alert: Ooredoo reminds customers against ongoing scams

Scam Alert: Ooredoo reminds customers against ongoing scams

Ooredoo has once again reminded its valuable customers to be alert against ongoing scams plaguing the industry. The telecom giant has also offered advice on actions to take if fraud is suspected.

Ooredoo issued an official statement yesterday, stating that “modern-day fraudsters employ ever-more inventive and sophisticated methods of attempting to steal information, and scams can often appear entirely legitimate”.

Scam Alert: Ooredoo reminds customers against ongoing scamsSeveral customers over a period of time have reported receiving SMS, WhatsApp messages, e-mails and phone calls claiming to be from the Ooredoo.

The scammers usually request personal information for a variety of potentially plausible purposes – from confirming accounts to claiming prizes, the statement points out.

To rest aside all doubts, Ooredoo has confirmed that no personal details would ever be requested from customers via a phone call, SMS or emails, and advised that its WhatsApp account is only responsive, and so it will never initiate any contact.

Ooredoo has urged customers to refrain from sharing any personal information if requested by any of these such media or scam ids.

The operator has informed its customers, “Any communication purporting to be from Ooredoo about which a customer has doubts should be reported immediately by calling 111, via the operator’s verified WhatsApp on 4414 4414, or using the Live Chat feature.

Manar Khalifa al-Muraiki, director of PR and Corporate Communication at Ooredoo, said: “Protecting our customers and their data, and ensuring they stay safe, is of paramount importance to us at Ooredoo and we are absolutely committed to combating any and every attempt by fraudsters to steal data.

“We are constantly researching new scam techniques to ensure we stay abreast of what’s happening in the world of cybersecurity, and we encourage our customers to report any communications about which they have any suspicions whatsoever. We are always ready and waiting to investigate fraud attempts and help customers protect themselves and their data.”

To get in touch with Ooredoo via its verified WhatsApp customers should add 4414 4414 to their contacts.

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Young Qatari Duo plans supplying fuel to consumer doorsteps: i-fuel

Young Qatari Duo plans supplying fuel to consumer doorsteps: i-fuel

by QI correspondent

I-fuel has won the recently held ‘Al-Fikra Challenges Award’ – a competition organised by the Qatar Development Bank for entrepreneurs to find solutions to some of the challenges that can be turned into business ideas and projects that can serve the country.

The Qatari startup ‘i-fuel’ founded by Doha-based entrepreneurs Nasser Al Kaabi and Jamal Khatib, a unique creation, plans to solve a universal problem faced by motorists – long drawn out queues in petrol stations, waste of valuable time and sometimes even having enough gas or time to reach the nearest station.

iFuel, a new app, which was one of the eight winners of the Al Fikra competition, will soon make fuel delivery a possibility in Qatar.

Qatar has proved its mark many a time in innovation and technology fields and the country’s emphasis on world-class education and on creating avenues for skills development has helped several homegrown talents to flourish both nationally and internationally.

The duo, who won the Al-Fikra 2019 competition, is planning to start delivering petrol to customers across Qatar in the next eight to ten months.

The innovation will make it possible for residents and citizens of Qatar to fill their car tanks with fuel just outside their homes, once the necessary tests are done and approvals have been secured.

The i-fuel app has a catchy tagline “Never stop for petrol again, We Fill, You Chill,”

While presenting the app at the competition, Al Kaabi said, “We take the hassle out of topping-up your vehicle fuel tank by coming to you. Thanks to our at home petrol top-up app, waiting at the gas station will be a matter of past.”

Khatib remarked, “We have finalized a deal with Data Line Software Services to develop the i-fuel application and we are currently working on specifically built trucks to sync with the app. We want to ensure 100 percent accuracy before making this service operational.”

Highlighting that the app inventors have received a great response from concerned authorities.

All required safety standards will be met, Khatib said further, adding that the plan is to currently roll out the service will with four trucks in high traffic areas like The Pearl-Qatar, West Bay and Qatar University and further plans to expand the operations eventually to other areas.

Furthermore, an official from WOQOD was very supportive of the project and the startup company is currently finalising the testing of the application and its trucks.

Khatib added: “We have specific-built trucks that meet the requirements of the Ministry of Energy and Industry, Ministry of Transport and Communications, and WOQOD. And with the help of WOQOD we’re going to operate successfully.

‘i-fuel’s’ solution will feature its own metre system which will be connected to a mobile phone. This will show the price and litres ordered.

Khatib said: “You can connect your car to your phone, see how much you want to fill. In case you don’t want to connect to your mobile phone, we basically deliver to your house and you pay by cash and you get the receipt.

Fuel prices will be identical to standard petrol prices set by the relevant authorities with a service charge of QR18, Khatib mentioned.

So Qatari citizens and residents eagerly await the time when they can use the app to book a date for fuel top-up. All they have to do is leave their vehicle’s fuel cap open and the rest will be taken care of by i-fuel.

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Indians in Qatar celebrate 5th International Day of Yoga with community get-togethers

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Indians in Qatar celebrate 5th International Day of Yoga with community get-togethers

Indians in Qatar celebrate 5th International Day of Yoga with community get-togethers

Indians in Qatar united in one accord to celebrate the 5th International Day of Yoga on June 21.

Assembling in large numbers in front of the iconic National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) members of the Indian community joyfully embraced the spirit of Yoga in the early hours of the memorable day.

Indian Ambassador P. Kumaran was the chief guest and his presence encouraged people to participate in the fitness regime.

The impressive demonstration of Indian expats practicing yoga was organized by the Embassy of India in Doha jointly with Qatar Museums and other Indian community organizations registered under the patronage of the Indian Cultural Centre.

The demonstration was an excellent opportunity for supporters of yoga to showcase the importance of this exercise to others by underlining the benefits to mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Yoga originated in India ages ago and is a traditional and ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that focuses on the connection between the mind and the body.

There are multiple physical and mental benefits of yoga such as increased energy, improved metabolism, enhanced cardio and circulatory health, stress relief, calmness, and mental clarity, among others.

Led by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian missions across the globe celebrated the International Day of Yoga with an unprecedented gettogether of like-minded yoga enthusiasts.

According to Manjri Saxena in the Gulf Times, “ We recently celebrated the fifth International Yoga Day in Qatar. It was a very well organised event that had good help from the volunteers. Thousands of people from different communities, including all age groups, gathered to mark the event.

Yoga has many benefits that go beyond maintaining physical well-being. It also has mental health benefits and can also help people in maintaining a balanced metabolism, apart from reducing stress and improved energy and vitality.

The main yoga event was conducted by a reputed instructor and all the people followed the instructions. It was quite a vision to see a mass yoga event taking place in Qatar”.

According to The Peninsula, the celebration was a part of the global commemoration of the International Day of Yoga and was held at National Museum of Qatar from 5 – 6 in the morning and at Qatar Sports Club Multi-Purpose Indoor Hall from 7 – 8 pm in the following evening.

Yoga camps and workshops were also held at Asian Town, Al Khor, and Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum.

Dukhan recreational Centre hosted Yoga activities and many schools in Qatar also organised Yoga sessions during the week.

Yoga classes for Indian community-based in Al Khor were also organised by the community.

The various events in Qatar included Yoga demonstrations by experts and provided an opportunity for all to participate in sessions based on Common Yoga Protocol and comprised of various postures and breathing techniques, followed by meditation.

As a prelude to the celebration of the 5th International Day of Yoga, numerous workshops and also demonstrations in collaboration with well-known Doha based Yoga Studios were conducted by the Indian Embassy in last two months including workshops for students in various schools based in Doha.

The United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014, declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. Also on June 21, 2015, the first International Day of Yoga was celebrated worldwide.

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Popular comedian regales the audience

Popular comedian regales the audience – By Entertainment Editor

The Al Mayassa Theater at Qatar National Convention Centre was filled with peals of laughter on Thursday night (13th June), as popular comedian Zakir Khan regaled the packed hall with his inimitable sense of humour.

The Indore born and raised stand-up comic related tales of his humble childhood, teenage years and love forlorn relationship with a city-bred, educated rich maiden.

Interconnecting the clashes and crushes of his rustic bringing up with the sophistication of his socialite girlfriend, Zakir drew out humour from both comic and tragic instances that played out during their ultimately failed relationship.

Revealing hilarious ‘inner secrets’ of the universally accepted only-boys-out-get-togethers and comparing it with how and what girls discuss during their meets, Zakir had the audience in splits as they easily related with real-life situations that reflected their own lives.

Taking the glued listeners on a rib-tickling ticketless train journey from his village bound home-town to the capital of India was an exhilarating experience interspersed with various comic tracks and funny anecdotes.

Zakir who started out as a writer scripting radio shows and poem in chaste Hindi/Urdu lingo proved the reason for the rise of his popularity by winning Comedy Central’s India’s third best stand-up comedian competition in 2012.

Zakir quipped Hindi idioms and couplets that have gained him the popular title of “Sakht launda”, (a guy with immense self-control) borrowed from his now famous punch line of the same name.

By the end of the show, as Zakir acknowledge the standing ovation,  one realized why he has over  three million subscribers on YouTube and is rated as one of India’s biggest stand-up comic in recent times.,

In contrast, the opening surprise act by Nishant Suri, an upcoming young comedian whose claim to fame is winning the prestigious Comicstaan, a popular comedy competition brought in a breath of fresh and infectious comedy.

Nishant who spoke mostly in Hinglish (a mix of English and Hindi) narrated many personal experiences and the instances of constantly being compared to his studious engineering graduated elder brother touched a relatable chord of sibling rivalry among many in the audience.

The programme named ‘Desi Comedy Nights’ was organised by Millennium Entertainment who have previously brought other famous Indian comedians to Qatar and one hopes will continue to entertain and enthrall South Asian expats here with many more such engaging shows.

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Brand new air-conditioned farmers markets to open soon | Fresh vegetables from local farmers

Brand new air-conditioned farmers markets to open soon | Fresh vegetables from local farmers 

Two brand new air-conditioned farmers’ markets will be opened soon by the Agricultural Affairs Department under the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

Both the markets will start functioning during the agricultural season in the Al Mazrouh and Al Wakra areas.

These markets will remain open throughout the year, and sell locally grown fresh vegetables. These vegetables will be different from the current seasonal markets which function only during winter months.

Yusuf Khalid Al Khulaifi, Director of Agriculture Affairs Department was speaking to media persons on the sidelines of a workshop on ‘National Training Course on Marketing Strategies and Channels for Small and Medium Farms’.

Talking to The Peninsula, Al Khulaifi remarked that the new facilities, the permanent farmers’ markets, will be an addition to the existing five farmers’ markets.

The markets offer fresh vegetables from local farmers to the customers directly without middlemen and brokers at reasonable prices. He said that the existing farmers’ markets will be upgraded to meet the rising demand of marketing platforms with growing local agricultural produce. And the new markets will enable local farmers to sell their produce from greenhouses, even during offseason when the seasonal vegetable markets are closed.

The Greenhouses and Shaded farms:

“The greenhouses and shaded farms, which have been set up with the support of the Ministry, are producing vegetables in large quantity during summer and throughout the year,” said Al Khulaifi. The greenhouses equipped with the latest farming technologies and advanced irrigation system to reduce water consumption help extend the agricultural season in the country.

The Qatar Development Bank Green House Financing program is aimed at spreading the culture of agriculture among citizens and enhancing self-sufficiency by providing the necessary funding for building greenhouses in different areas suitable for Qatari homes.

The bank purchases the needs and accessories of greenhouses with the requirements of installation from various suppliers. The Green House program is meant to benefit Qatari citizens. The amount of financing is up to 100% of the value of the project and limited to a maximum of QR 70,000. The profit rate and payment method amounts to 1% per annum with no administrative fees. The repayment period of up to 4 years includes a grace period of six months.

The method of disbursement of funding is direct to suppliers or sellers when one makes a purchase order to the bank. Payments to the supplier are made after an inspection visit by the banks by the labour service staff or through the appointment of another party to ensure that the agreed work is completed

The Ministry of Agriculture has set up a goal to achieve self-sufficiency in vegetable production up to 70 percent by 2023. The target is meant to be achieved by developing the existing farms and launching new giant agricultural projects.

Over 7,288 tonnes of local vegetables were sold out at these markets during the last season (2018-19).

The current winter vegetable markets in Al Mazrouha, Al Wakra, Al Khor Al Zakhira, Al Shamal and Al Sheehania help the market by over 30 percent of total vegetables produced by local farms during the season.

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Watch India vs Pakistan cricket match today at Doha Exhibition and Cultural Centre (DECC)

Watch India vs Pakistan cricket match today at Doha Exhibition and Cultural Centre (DECC)

India vs Pakistan. People of both India and Pakistan treat this clash as equal as their country playing their World Cup finals. Always been the most watched match in any form of cricket and also any game for that matter.

Summer Entertainment City at Doha Exhibition and Cultural Centre (DECC) will be broadcasting the match that will be played at Old Trafford in Manchester, England and will begin at 12:30 pm (local time). One of the biggest indoor screens (8 x 4 metre) will be put up at the venue for one of the most-watched and anticipated matches of the cricket World Cup. Though the match can be watched free, there is a fee of QR15 for entrance to the Summer Entertainment City, as quoted in

We want our Indian cricket team to continue their winning run against Pakistan at the World Cup. India being dominant in this world cup so far, we hope and wish our winning run will continue. team on behalf of all the Indians living in Qatar wish the Indian team to win today’s match against Pakistan. Also, we wish and pray our team will bring the world cup to India.

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Work time bans in open areas in Qatar: Qatar’s stringent labour laws ban companies from sending their workers to operate in open areas from 11:30 am to 3 pm during the summer months. The Work time ban comes into effect from today (15th of June).

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