CBSE cancels 10th and 12th grade/classes board exams in 25 countries outside India including Qatar. Assessment will be worked out by the Board shortly |

CBSE cancels 10th and 12th-grade board exams in 25 countries outside India including Qatar

CBSE has made a press release on Wednesday, 1st of April 2020 which states that it will not be conducting the remaining 10th and 12th classes board Exams for students from 25 countries including Qatar.

In view of the prevailing circumstance of the spread of Coronovirus COVID-19 and lockdown of schools for various lengths of time, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made a decision to cancel exams for the students of class 10 and 12 in schools that are located outside of India.

CBSE also stated that “Also, in the present situation, it will be difficult to bring the answer books to India for evaluation purposes,” the CBSE said. The system of marking/assessment for the purpose of declaring results will be worked out by the Board shortly and informed to these schools. 

Other Grade / Class Updates:

The Board has announced all affiliated schools of the following one-time measure:

1. For grades / Classes 1 to 8: All students studying in Classes 1 to 8 may be promoted to the next class/grade.

2. For grades / Classes 9 and 11: Advised to promote students of grades 9 and 11 to the next grade on the basis of all the school-based assessments including project work, periodic tests, term exams, etc., conducted so far. For any child who is unable to clear the internal process (in any number of subjects), the school may utilise this period for providing remedial interventions and school may give an opportunity of appearing in school-based test/s either online or offline. The promotions of such children may be decided on the basis of such test/s

Class 10 and 12 (Only for Schools in India) With regards to the schools in India, CBSE board exams of Class 10 and 12 will be rescheduled and stated that the board will announce dates after consultations. “For the rest of the subjects, it said it would not hold examinations; the instructions for marking/assessment in all such cases shall be separately issued by the Board,” the CBSE said. The Board will give notice of about 10 days to all stakeholders before starting the Board examinations, it stated.

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