Chance of Scattered rain between Wednesday and the beginning of next week Qatar - (Picture just for representation)

Chance of scattered rain may be thundery at times during the period between Wednesday and the beginning of next week, Qatar Meteorology Department posted on their Facebook Page.[0]=68.ARCw94cSrAP2pkxnQQmr7RAJuppvRalvmzrNjl1zDsYKq0UsgCNy1zdzwQGCbp6MhSCJhTVqlTjd5woiezRrYQNg58VP_4icXWV8gU0-YLPs1gHwfOaA1LTCtSClNraKXhuUBpGQpGJE5wQB66mUc-3b61e4t2R4eRXMuqPs4eH5WYH9SjJSZLMmeKEw9xWmSCH3JxdQU_Hd1hQcWMHo8w&__tn__=-R

Rain, Lightning, Thunder, Strong Winds have been reported across several parts of Qatar yesterday evening. Qatar Meteorology Department also posted on their Facebook Page asking people to be “careful of strong winds and low visibility

The Qatar Met Department, in a tweet, explained the reason for the sudden change in weather. It said on the tweet “Local convective clouds usually form during the afternoon as surface heating causes rising currents of air (because warm air is less dense than cold air). It leads to the formation of thunder cells, provided there is enough moisture in the atmosphere,

These thunder cells are usually accompanied with strong downdraft winds that raise dust and reduce visibility temporarily. The lifetime of a typical airmass summer thunderstorms is between 45 to 60 minutes and they usually dissipate before sunset due to lack of surface heating,” the Met Department said.

Featured Picture used is just for representation

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