Dr Tejinder Singh - a ' serial entrepreneur'

Dr Tejinder Singh – a ‘ serial entrepreneur’

As a veteran journalist in Qatar, I have been following the various successful business ventures of Dr Tejinder Singh, founder and MD of Q -Tickets who has been consecutively listed 5 times by Forbes Middle East (2014-2018). So it came as no surprise when a fellow scribe Mudassar Raja from my former publication the Gulf Times did a brilliant story entitled:Entrepreneur: finding a solution for someone’s problem efficiently.

Reproduced here is the article that appeared in GT’s Community Section yesterday:

QATAR is a country with lots of opportunities for talented and skillful individuals. The country has provided a promising future to numerous individuals who take their chances and work tirelessly. Dr Tejinder Singh, founder and MD of QTickets, is one such individual who is a ‘serial entrepreneur.’ He believes in the policy that someone’s problem is an opportunity for an entrepreneur. Dr Singh, who has been in Qatar for over 13 years, recently spoke to Community regarding his professional achievements and headway in Qatar.

By George Julius Williams | Consulting Editor

Image Credit: tejinderworld.com
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