From India to Qatar – Artist Faraj Daham brings qualitative inspirations back home

From India to Qatar – Artist Faraj Daham brings qualitative inspirations back home

George Julius Williams | Consulting Editor

Doha: Qatari artist Faraj Daham, after having completed his month-long residency at the “What about Art?” Foundation in Mumbai, India has returned home to showcase his paintings at the Fire Station Artist in Residence, in an exhibition entitled “See the Unseen”.

According to a press release by Qatar Museums, Daham’s exhibition is part of Qatar-India 2019 Year of Culture which aims to promote mutual understanding, recognition, and appreciation between the two countries through various programmes and initiatives

His exhibition addresses the concept of historical concealment and exclusion through a qualitative approach between what is visible and what is real.

During his residency, Daham relied on local tangible and intangible materials to create artworks using materials like Chinese fishing nets from Kochi, India, which he used alongside handmade manuscripts to hide the intangibility of history.

During his stay in Mumbai, Daham was provided with an individual studio space and an opportunity to network with professionals in an intellectually stimulating environment that enhanced dialogue on visual arts practices for artists and curators.

Qatar Museums’ Head of Years of Culture, Aisha al-Attiya stated, “The collaborative nature of residencies allows artists to be introduced to new perspectives, styles, and ideas. This helps them expand their horizons. We are really pleased to have collaborated with “What about Art?” to create an opportunity for exchange for one of our most talented artists.”

Daham’s first major exhibition titled Divergence, as part of Focus – Works from Mathaf Collection exhibition at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art was held in November 2015.

The artist’s work evokes his solitary exploration of civic responsibility towards his present time and space, in a multitude of aesthetical language that resists easy categorisation and calls for self-reflection and consciousness of the world surrounding him.

Daham’s contemporary work is inspired by the transformation of the world around him and responds to the rapid changes experienced in Qatari society.

He has various international participation that includes exhibiting in Spain, Korea, China and India, and his work has been displayed at Katara, Mathaf, QM Gallery Al Riwaq, and Al Markhiya Gallery, among others.

Daham’s “See the Unseen” exhibition is open until Friday, 29th November 2019. Gallery hours are from

  • Saturday to Thursday: 9 am – 7 pm;
  • Fridays: 1:30pm – 7pm.

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