Ministry warns against spreading rumours or fake stories

Ministry of Interiors warns against spreading rumors or fake stories

Ministry of Interior (MoI) has warned people against spreading rumours. It has become a bane of social media that people spread fake stories without verifying the source of the news. This could create panic or irreparable damage to others.

It is always better to check the source of the news or else get in touch with authorities or news organization using their social media handles to confirm the information.

Recently we received many queries from readers asking if there is an alert about Qatar witnessing very high temperature. This was a fake forward and was circulating in the social media for some time now with wrong attributions.

Ministry in its tweet said that action will be taken against those who spread false news from unknown sources

“Rumour mongering and spreading stories from unknown sources will harm others and those involved will be held legally accountable,” MoI tweeted.

Many websites and social media accounts copy information without verifying the authenticity and even after realizing that the information is false, never bothers to clarify it for the readers.

There were many instances of false news going viral during the last few months.

Last week Woqod had to tweet from its official handle to dispel rumours about tampering.

Increasing social media discussions on Woqod petrol stations manipulating the fuel dispenser speed to increase the cost pushed the company to take a stand on its social media.

Sometime in February Qatar Meteorology Department had urged residents to not pay heed to social media rumours of tsunami hitting GCC countries. A lot of fake stories were circulating in social media about the weather during that time.

Again in February, the Traffic authorities had to step in to clarify the rumours circulating on social media suggesting that a new alphabet Q has been added to car number plates in Qatar.

In December 2016 the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs had scotched rumours circulating on social media regarding work visas and job transfer requests.

There are many instances of people being jailed or fined in neighbouring UAE for spreading rumours on social media or for circulating fake messages which could harm people or bring disrepute to the country.

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