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MoI urged employers to prepare for new entry and exit rules for expats

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) have called on all private companies and employers to prepare for the implementation of the amendment of the law regulating entry, exit and residency of the expatriates. “The Ministry has completed all the procedures related to the implementation of the law. The law allowed the employees of private companies to leave without exit permit except the proportion of five percent of their workers, which is a percentage determined by the employer due to the nature of their work like those who work in money exchange companies and gold shops and so on,” said Director of Labour Inspection Department at the MADLSA, Mohammed Ali Al Meer, Reported thepeninsulaqatar.com

Qatar MoI has recently brought a major policy change to put an end to exit permits through which expat workers can exit the country without obtaining an exit permit from the employer.

Also, MoI has brought an initiative which allows expat workers to complete certain procedures including fingerprinting and biometric data processing, medical examination and the signing of work contracts at their home countries.

The project will be implemented in eight countries as a first stage, namely: Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia. The project will be implemented in Sri Lanka next month and later in the rest of the eight countries and be followed in all the countries from where the recruitment is made.

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