Qatar Celebrates 100 years of International Labour Organization (ILO)

Qatar Celebrates 100 years of International Labour Organization

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (ADLSA) celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the International Labour Organization (ILO) at Katara Cultural Village on Wednesday, 16th October 2019.

H.E. the Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs Yousuf Mohamed Al Othman Fakhroo spoke on the centenary occasion underlining the fact that Qatar was keen to launch a package of policies and legislative amendments to achieve decent work to help establish and strengthen balanced working relations with its reference to work contracts.

H.E. the Minister also announced the Cabinet’s adoption of new legislation related to the approval of the draft minimum wage law, to establish controls to facilitate the transfer of workers to another employer during the contract period and to preserve the rights of both parties. It also included a draft law to abolish exit permits and apply to parties not subject to the provisions of the Qatari Labor Law as well as domestic workers. Such legislation will be enforced immediately after the end of its legislative session.

His Excellency expressed Qatar’s appreciation for the technical support provided by the ILO to achieve the outputs of the Technical Cooperation Program.

The Minister stated that ADLSA was keen on continuing the constructive co-operation with the ILO Office in Doha to implement mutually agreed action plans and stressed that the participation of Qatar in the centenary celebrations of the International Labour Organization was an acknowledgment of the organisation’s considerable efforts in the field of work over 100 years, which was proof of the close partnership between the ILO and the State of Qatar.

ADLSA had during the past few years build a suitable work environment based on work contracts for the welfare of workers and the Ministry had made a number of new laws and upgraded existing ones.

The Minister said that Qatar through the Central Bank had released commemorative coins on the occasion the centenary celebrations thus recognizing the role of ILO in establishing social justice and a great cooperation between Qatar and the International Labour Organization in the labour sector.

The event was organised by ADLSA in cooperation with ILO and other stockholders under the theme ‘The Future of Work in Qatar’.

Addressing the event, Deputy Director-General for Field Operations and Partnerships, Moussa Oumarou, congratulated the Minister for the landmark reforms announced in front of the august assembly.

“I thank you on behalf of the ILO for taking this bold and transformative step, a first in this region. ILO stands ready to support Qatar with the modalities of their enforcement,” he added.

Oumarou also stated that a team of dedicated ILO professionals are working closely with ADLSA colleagues here in Qatar, supporting the ambitious labour reforms that nation has embarked on and they facilitate dialogue on day-to-day basis between the government, employers, and workers to ensure that the reforms that are being considered have everyone’s support and buy-in.

“Two weeks ago, for example, the ILO was parts of a dialogue between MADLSA, the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the International Organization of Employers, on the role of business in migration governance and labour reforms,” he added.

Qatar joined the Organization in 1972 and an ILO office was established in Doha in 2018 to support the Government’s business process development program.

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3 proposals to be implemented soon in a landmark move to support expats living in Qatar: Permission for sons of expatriates to work without changing their sponsorship, temporary work visas for up to 6 months and 20 % reduction in the fees for online transactions of all services provided by MoI.

Kairali Al Tanoor – a taste of the authentic tandoor restaurant

Kairali Al Tanoor – a taste of the authentic tandoor restaurantKairali Al Tanoor, Doha,Qatar – a taste of the authentic tandoor restaurant

By Mr & Mrs. Foody

The Midmac flyover is one of the busiest intersections in Doha under which runs one of the oldest roundabouts in town with a service road that leads to one of the finest tandoor restaurants in the city the Kairali Al-Tanoor

It is a branch of the Kairali group of restaurants  – one the largest non-vegetarian chains in the city of Mangalore, Karnataka. It was founded in November 2000 offering authentic North/South Indian, Tandoor, Chinese and Mangalorean coastal cuisine.

One of the first things that catch our eyes as we enter the well-lit reception area is the open tandoor ovens placed strategically behind huge glass-paneled walls where bakers expertly dish out piping hot tandoori rotis from the oval pits.

Kairali literally means originating from Kerala and Tanoor means Tandoor in Arabic.

The restaurant as we experienced later stayed true to its name and fame of serving one of the best tandoori multi-cuisine meals in Qatar.

The aesthetically decorated upstairs dining area is a gentle blend of grey and brown with wooden matching furniture and a spacious yet intimate indoor seating blending seamlessly with perfect lighting and hygienically spotless interiors.

We are warmly greeted with the soft-spoken, affable youthful Rashad A Rehman, COO – Kairali Group of Restaurants who suggested we start with the cool complimentary melon fruit welcome drink.Kairali Al Tanoor Restaurant Interiors, Doha,Qatar

As we scan through the elaborate menu, we are served with a lemon coriander soup that was mouth-wateringly delicious and something we had never tasted before. A perfect blend of lemon with a hint of coriander, not too tangy or lemony with succulent small pieces of chicken, set the right tone for starters to follow. The soup is also available in mutton and veg versions.

The starters were spicy but very succulent Angaraa Chicken Kebabs served with green mint chutney followed by grilled prawns that came in three different flavours of Haryali, Malai and Multani…all finger-licking good and served on sticks in a mini rectangular bar-bar-que container with a small chunk of simmering coal at the bottom to keep the grilled shrimps warm.

The main course was a creamy Punjabi Chicken Curry served in a silver coloured bowl tastefully plated with semi-circled cut tomatoes that lined the dish. Click here to get the full menu

The rotis accompanying the curry were traditional Kerala paratas and tandoori rotis but what stole the bread show and probably available only at Kairali was the typical soft but not oily or mushy Delhi nan that just melted the moment it touch the tongue – a specialty from the famous North Indian roti tavas of Kannilal and Munilal.

The chicken dish had spices cleverly toned down to compliment the earlier hot spicy Chicken Angaara.

The special Mutton Cholo rice flavoured in the biryani style had the right mix of masala and long rice and is one of their signature dishes. This rice version is also available in chicken and prawn versions. Beetroot pickle and Raita were complimentary sides that fitted perfected with the main course.

We washed these delicacies down with a delicious super cool signature mock-tail named Cinderella – a unique mixture of strawberry, litchi, orange, and pineapple.

The crème de la crème in the desserts was the homemade style cashew ice cream – not too sweet but cool and creamy topped with a cashew nut… if only they had 31 more other flavours! And a must was the traditional popular dessert  – the Hyderbadi Shahi Tukda – a typical deep-fried moist bread pudding.

All the dishes were reasonably priced with friendly service and the 108 seating is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  According to the Chief Chef, “All dishes are prepared by different chefs who specialize in that particular type of cuisine.”

The menu boasts of a wide variety of multi-sensory North/South Indian and Chinese cuisine ‘that marries bold flavours with exquisite presentation and signature dishes including Kerala Dry Chicken Biryani, Chicken Cheese Roll, Chicken 90, Prawns Butter Garlic and Boti Kebabs.’

The washrooms were well lit and extremely clean and well equipped with all the necessary toiletries, a feature some restos sadly lack.

While dining, COO Rashad took us down memory lane and recalled how his father A V Abdul Rahiman along with his partner K.P. Esmail discovered in the early 21st century that there were practically no restaurants in Mangalore offering multi-cuisine fare. So the duo came up with an 18-room hotel and a restaurant named Kairali.

Kairali started operations with well-maintained hygienic surroundings, the proper appearance of the service staff and the usage of top quality fresh ingredients which stood as different from what was then available. Gradually, the food became popular and a trademark for high quality and affordability, catering to both, the classes and the masses. Kairali soon became a well-known restaurant and a landmark for the guests in and around town,” Rashad said.

“Today, Kariali has four branches in Mangalore and employs over 200 staff. The brand name Kairali has become synonymous with Indian Multi Cuisine restaurants, catering to the demands of our patrons located all over Karnataka and our neigbouring state of Kerala. We believe in preserving the exquisite traditions of our Indian multi-cuisine and have plans to reach out to the world,” Rashad explained.

“Furthermore, we are making progress on our key 2018 initiatives. I love the fact that we are a passionate team with expertise in the resto business and serve a large and ever-growing customer base. The company has been growing steadily and is now seeking to dramatically accelerate growth. We are confident that with our unique economic model, we are all set to expand both nationally and internationally,” Rashad concluded.

In this day and age of social media, a host of other promo tools are readily available on fingertips but the ‘word-of-mouth’ mantra still stands firm – surpassing all other forms of advertising. And we as Mr & Mrs. Foody stepped out after a sumptuous dinner with the mutual thought that informing our family and friends of Kairali – Al Tanoor was a given.


Qatar announces major reforms regarding expat workforce and the labour market

Qatar announces major reforms regarding expat workforce and the labour market

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (ADLSA) jointly held a press conference last week, proposing three major reforms in some laws regulating expatriate workers and the labour market.

The press conference was attended by Mohammad Ahmed Al-Ateeq – Director General of Passports, Hasan al Obaidly – Assistant Undersecretary of Labour and Ahmed Abdullah al Haremi – Assistant Director of Legal Affairs Department.

In what is seen by many as a significant landmark to support expatriate communities living in Qatar, the three proposals to be implemented soon include permission for sons of expatriates to work without changing their sponsorship, temporary work visas for up to 6 months and 20 % reduction in the fees for online transactions of all services provided by MoI.

Mohammad Ahmed Al-Ateeq explained that the proposal to allow sons of expatriate residents to work in the private sector without changing their sponsorship was carefully studied and given its various advantages it was finally decided to take legislative measures to implement the same.

Currently, only daughters are allowed to work under their father’s sponsorship without changing their sponsorship. As per the new proposal, all members of the family will be allowed to work without changing their family sponsorship.

Hasan al Obaidly stated that the new proposal will bring positive results in labour market and benefit both Qatari citizens and residents alike in taking advantage of this untapped workforce.

“The new proposal will reduce recruitment of marginal labour surplus required by the labour market, costs of recruitment and housing expenses for the employer. Employers can take advantage of their familiarity with the customs and traditions of the Qatari society,” he added.

In order to encourage the public in taking advantage of MOIs electronic services and to simplify the process, a new proposal to reduce the fee for electronic transactions was studied and a 20 percent reduction for all online transactions has been agreed upon.

Abdullah al Haremi said the proposals that have been studied need amendments in related legislative tools governing these categories. The work is underway to prepare and amend the legislation and submit it to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to complete its legislative procedures, he added.

The Director-General of Passports also announced the proposal to introduce a new temporary work visa system for some professions and jobs in order to accommodate the need of the labour market and create a suitable environment for domestic and foreign investment.

These visas will be granted to private companies, commercial establishments and other licensed entities in the country to perform emergency, temporary or seasonal work that requires the workforce for a specific period, season or occasion.

As per the new proposal, these visas will be issued by MoI after the approval by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, while all required procedures will be carried out through Qatar Visa Centres abroad or when such workers arrive in the country.

Temporary work visas valid for one month will be charged QR 300 and for two months QR 500. Visas valid from 3 to 6 months will be charged 200 for each month, the MoI official said.

Meanwhile, local expatriate business communities have welcomed the proposals stating that allowing sons of expats to work in Qatar without changing sponsorship is a big relief for many parents.

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Aqua Park Qatar | The biggest offer ever from Aqua Park Qatar. Entry ticket only QR100 includes QR50 meal voucher.

Aqua Park Qatar | The biggest offer ever from Aqua Park Qatar. Entry ticket only QR100 includes QR50 meal voucher.

Aqua Park Qatar is the first theme park in Qatar with amazing outdoor adventure and fun. Don’t miss the biggest Aqua Park Qatar offer!

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Indian Community Benevolent Forum opens a free legal clinic for community members

Indian Community Benevolent Forum opens a free legal clinic for community members

Doha: Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF), under the patronage of Embassy of India, Qatar recently opened a legal clinic at the Integrated Indian Community Centre (IICC), Al Thumama.

The clinic was inaugurated by HE P Kumaran Ambassador of India to Qatar.

The sole aim of the legal clinic is to support Indian expats who are in need of legal assistance, especially for the workers who do not have means to receive proper legal help or hire a lawyer.

The legal clinic is being operated by Kocheri & Partners Legal Consultants, who have been providing legal consultancy in Qatar for the past many years. Chairman Dr. Nizar Kocheri represented Kocheri & Partners and P N Baburajan, President -ICBF, signed the memorandum of understanding in the presence of P Kumaran. The free consultation service will be provided every third Thursday from 5 pm onwards at the ICBF office at IICC, Thumama.

Any Indian national in need of legal assistance can walk in to have legal guidance.

Embassy officials – S.R.H. Fahmi, First Secretary and Coordinating officer – ICBF and Sona Soman, 3rd Secretary also attended the inauguration ceremony.

Dr. Nizar Kochery explained that this humanitarian is being provided as part of the service he has been doing for many years. He has also been providing similar assistance to many other communities in Qatar.

P Kumaran while applauding the efforts of ICBF for starting the clinic also expressed that this was the need of the hour as many Indians here are in need of legal assistance, which is a costly affair that many cannot afford. He hoped that the legal clinic would be able to provide initial legal help for needy people in all types of cases involving the community.

Santosh Kumar Pillai delivered the welcome address and conducted the proceedings. Mahesh Gowda, Vice President, proposed a vote of thanks.

ICBF will also hold legal awareness sessions to make community members aware of the local laws of the land and thus prevent them from landing in trouble. Community leaders and members of the community present applauded the efforts of ICBF in starting such a new initiative to support community members in need of free legal advice.

The function ended with a Q&A session by the community members to clarify about the scope and working of the free legal clinic.

Residents children can work in the private sector without sponsorship change

Residents children can work in the private sector without sponsorship change

Doha: Ministry of Interior (MoI) made some important announcements today regarding the laws and regulations governing the expatriates and the labor market.

According to local media, a press conference was held today at the Officers Club of the General Directorate of Civil Defense in Wadi Sail where an official from the ministry said that children of residents will be allowed to work in the private sector without transferring sponsorship.

Director-General of Passports Major General Muhammad Ahmad Al Ateeq also said that a special work visa will be created for temporary work in industries, according to the need of the labor market. Work visas for temporary work will vary from one to six months.

The official also said that the fees for online MoI services will be reduced by 20 percent.

Officials from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs attended the event.

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UCL Qatar research showcases the impact of female leadership on Qatar’s cultural heritage sector

UCL Qatar  the impact of female leadership on Qatar’s cultural heritage sector

Findings discussed during “Women in Cultural Leadership” forum at the Museum of Islamic Art

Doha, Qatar, October 8, 2019 – UCL Qatar hosted a panel discussion titled “Women in Cultural Leadership” at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) yesterday (8 October 2019). The event brought together speakers from some of Qatar’s most iconic cultural institutions to discuss the significant impact women leaders have on the rapid development of the museum and cultural sector in Qatar. Participants included Sheikha Reem Al-Thani, Director of Exhibitions at Qatar Museums (QM), Shaikha Nasser Al-Nassr, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs at MIA, and Clemence Bergal, Head of Acquisitions and Collections at QM.

The theme of cultural leadership and the role women play within the sector has received increasing attention in recent years. However, the contribution of female leaders in shaping the development of museums in the Gulf, and Qatar in particular, is overlooked. The panel’s theme was one component from a research study by Dr. Catharina Hendrick, Lecturer of the MA in Museum and Gallery Practice at UCL Qatar. Catharina’s research project seeks to uncover the ways these ambitious women lead their teams and the organisation.

Preliminary research findings showed that there is great respect within the cultural sector for female leaders in Qatar, particularly due to the existence of strong role models such as Chairperson of QM, Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. In fact, Qatari and non-Qatari women hold the majority of leadership positions in QM and across the museum sector in the country and come with a high level of education and experience.

The research also found that these female leaders tend to adopt a transformational leadership style, which employs emotional intelligence. This style of leadership is visionary and focuses on the long-term direction of the organisation, and fosters a culture of collaboration and nurtures and develops staff through a mix of participative and directive leadership. This means that leaders lead by example, are confident, empathetic and look at the bigger picture when making decisions.

Commenting on the event, UCL Qatar’s Dr Hendrick stated: “Women have played an important role in the journey towards growing Qatar into a vibrant cultural hub in the region and today’s panel discussion was a celebration of these achievements. We were proud and pleased to share our insights and experiences, which we hope would inspire young women to pursue careers in the cultural heritage sector. These talented leaders will play an active role in Qatar’s cultural development in the future.”

UCL Qatar organised this public event as part of its role as a centre of excellence for the study of cultural heritage and knowledge management. These events serve as a platform for dialogue and engagement for the public.

Air India to launch non-stop Delhi-Doha flights from Oct 29

Air India to launch non-stop Delhi-Doha flights from Oct 29

India’s national flag carrier Air India is set to launch non-stop flights between Delhi and Doha from October 29, according to the airline’s website.

The flights will be operated four times a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, flight AI 971 will depart Delhi at 7.50 pm and arrive in Doha at 9.35 pm. On Friday, it will leave Delhi at 8.50 pm and reach Doha at 10.35 pm.

For Doha-Delhi, AI 972 will depart Doha at 10.35 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It will arrive in Delhi at 5 am (next day). On Friday, it will leave Doha at 11.35 pm and reach Delhi at 5.50 am (next day).

All times are local

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Dance Disco Dandiya rocks audience | D3 Festival

Dance Disco Dandiya rocks audience | D3 Festival

Disco dandiya enthusiasts circumvented the blocked Doha Corniche on Friday evening to reach Al Jewan hall at Al Dana Club beside the West Bay business district to celebrate the traditional Navrati festival.

The Wirohub and Red Apple Events and Media hosted an event dubbed D3 Festival – Dance Disco Dandiya” featured a brilliant line-up of DJs to spin top Garba and dandiya beats, a humongous stage, amusing sound, and lights display, live dhol and LED walls for a dash of effervescence.

DJ Roopali from Baroda entertained the crowd with her melodious beats while DJ Willy had them swinging to the rhythm of popular Bollywood remixes. MC Jassim kept the evening alive in his inimitable charm and style.

The jam-packed Navratri event had art and cultural activities and the live food stalls serving zesty Indian food. The non-alcoholic event was free for kids below 6 years of age.

Special prizes were awarded for Best Dressed male and female attendees, along with Best Dancers, including best child dancer. The oldest ‘young at heart’ couple were awarded for their enthu and several other gifts were freely distributed to the other deserving members of the audience.

One of the highlights of the entertaining evening was the large “Garba” circle that had all those in attendance forming a huge oval shaped formation.

Garba is a traditonal folk dance celebrated during the Navratri festival. The dance styles vary from place to place and the traditional costume of the dancers is red, pink, yellow, orange, and brightly colored chanya, choli dupatta, big mirror motifs adorned with heavy jewellery, such as necklaces, sparkling bangles, waist belts, and long oxidized earrings.

Traditionally men wear an ethnic costume and a pajama or a dhoti with an oxidized bracelet and necklace rounded off with a colourful turban.

The “Dandiya” dance has both men and women generally operating in two circular formations with partners facing each other and touching their Dandiyas (wooden sticks) to rhythmically beats before moving on to the next person in the opposite circle.

Navrati is a typical Indian festival that spans nine nights and ten days and is celebrated every year in different parts of the country, especially in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan and generally falls in the months of September and October.

The main sponsors of the D3 Festival – Dance Disco Dandiya were Tea Time, 7 Spices Mumbai and Royal Regis. Health partner – Asian Medical Centre, Radio Partner – Radio One Fm 89.6, Official media partner – Qatar Living. Co-sponsors Red Apple and Wanasa.

Doha may bid for 2030 Asian Games

Doha may bid for 2030 Asian Games

Doha is considering a bid for the 2030 Asian Games but has not formally begun the process yet, a Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) official told the local English language newspaper Gulf Times yesterday.

“Since 1991 we have hosted some of the sporting world’s biggest events including the Asian Games in 2006 and the athletics world championships currently underway in Doha. Qatar will be hosting the 2022 football World Cup,” he said.

He said Doha is thinking seriously about the 2030 Asian Games but nothing has officially happened yet. “Doha is not yet an applicant city.”

The QOC official, who preferred to stay anonymous, said a firmer decision would likely be made in the coming months.

Doha successfully hosted the 2006 Asian Games officially known as the XV Asiad from December 1 to 15, 2006 with 424 events in 39 sports featured in the games.

21 competition venues were used for the Games including the newly constructed Aspire indoor sports complex.

Trampoline discipline of gymnastics and the sports of chess and triathlon made their debut at the event.

Doha was the first city in its region and only the second in West Asia, following Tehran in 1974 to host the games. It was the first time that all 45 member nations of the Olympic Council of Asia took part in this event.

The final medal tally was led by China followed by South Korea and Japan with host Qatar in ninth place. Tajikistan, Jordan and United Arab Emirates won their first-ever Asian Games gold medals.

7 world and 23 Asian records were broken during the games, while South Korean swimmer Park Tae-hwan was announced as the most valuable player.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Games were held at Khalifa International Stadium. Doha then passed on the torch to Guangzhou, Guangdong, China for hosting the 2010 Asian Games.

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