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‘Perfect Duet’ art exhibition showcases mother-son nexus | The ART29 Gallery 

Qatar’s talented artist, Ahmed al-Jufairi and his mother, artist Hanady al-Othman, have opened the ART29 Gallery at W Doha Hotel & Residences.

According to a statement issued by W Hotel  & Residences – the exclusive art exhibition titled ‘Perfect Duet’ showcases the nexus of mother and son, cultures and histories, India and Qatar, and colours and mediums.

The collection of artworks on canvas and sculptures exhibition consists of 20 installations based on different mediums of art, such as sculptors, hints of fashion, digital prints, 3D and oil, and acrylic paintings.

Their collective Al-Jufairi and al-Othman each have a very distinctive interpretation on the Qatar-India artistic message, with al-Othman choosing to celebrate women in a very bright, colourful and empowering paintings, such as one series of paintings entitled ‘She Thought She Could/So She Did’.

‘As mother and son, there is no stronger connection. As artists I was surprised to see that we work well together professionally because that usually doesn’t happen, Al Jufairi said of their relationship as artists.

Al-Othman remarked, ‘This is my first exhibition, and I want to use this to show that it is never too late to make your dreams come true’.

Indian ambassador to Qatar P Kumaran said during the opening night: “The vibrant expression of this union between India and Qatar, nourished over centuries of trade and cultural links, has been interpreted and expressed by both artists Ahmed al-Jufairi and his mother Hanady al-Othman and highlights, with a warm sentimentality, the artistic interchange between our two cultures.”

W Doha general manager Wassim Daaje said: “It is another exciting time for W Doha and ART29 as we provide a creative space for the most heartfelt duo – mother and son, to showcase their work to the local community. Their undeniable connection and passion is clearly evident through their art, and truly shows their passion to communicate with people through their artistic pieces.”

The exhibition is open to the public until August 27, from 10am-10pm daily.

Many of the works, in fact, were inspired by their travels to India including Al Othman’s rendition of the Pink Mosque and Al Jufairi’s several works inspired by Indian cities including Agra, New Delhi, Jaipur, and Udaipur.

‘I took Jam, a character I’ve created and showcased in past exhibitions, to four cities in India and shot these amazing photographs. I studied the history of these cities and tried to integrate them in my art especially for this show, explained Al Jufairi.

‘Perfect Duet’ is open for public viewing at W Doha Hotel’s Art29 from 10 am to 10 pm until August 27.

Image Source: albawaba.com

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