PHCC upgraded Hayyak system to help patients get an appointment within 3 months -

PHCC upgraded Hayyak system to help patients get an appointment within 3 months

by QI correspondent

The upgraded Hayyak information and appointment helpline of the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) will allow patients to get appointments within a three-month period instead of the earlier system of one week, according to local press reports.

Speaking to this correspondent over the telephone, a call centre representative from PHCC said that the enhanced service will allow patients to book a medical appointment at 27 health centres across Qatar by calling a special number 127.

The new Hayyak system will allow patients to be registered on the list of a specific physician. This system named the Family Physician Programme enlists a specific group of patients on the list of a doctor named by the patient.

This enhanced system will respond to the needs of patients, in terms of fixing an appointment with a specific doctor.

This will help solve complaints by some patients that they at times they get appointments without the doctor’s name being specified. This anonymity of the doctor’s name has reportedly caused much discomfort to a considerable number of people.

Patients can now undergo all necessary health checkups at any PHCC centre, even at those centres where they are not registered, without the need for a prior appointment, if it concerns the general clinic. However, specialised clinics, on the other hand, require appointments to see a doctor.

According to local press reports quoting official PHCC sources, a number of patients enjoyed the services of PHCC centres last year, both with and without appointments and this was in excess of 3.1mn, up by around 6% compared to the previous year.

The number of PHCC visitors with prior appointments last year amounted to 65% of the total number of patients seen there, the local press reports added.

About 25% of the total number of patients who registered for appointments in 2018 did not show up at the designated time in spite of repeated reminders of their appointments by the PHCC through phone calls and SMS messages.

This invariably results in a waste of time and resources and has an adverse impact on other patients. Moreover, such missed-appointment slots are normally used to see critical patients who do not book prior appointments.

According to reports each doctor at the PHCC often sees around 25 patients during the work shift and the figure can go up in case there are patients who turn up without appointments but need urgent care.

The usual period dedicated to each patient with a doctor is approximately 15 minutes, a time considered satisfactory enough, in accordance with laid down international standards.

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Comments (2)

  • Rajesh Jain

    Please also start to give appointment at our nearest clinic for emergency atleast for family because i am staying in old airport and my clinic is rawadat al khail so many
    time because of distance we could not able to reach clinic and old airport clinic is so close to us where we can go immidiately i also tried to change my clinic but it was not allowed.

    • admin

      Dear Mr. Rajesh, As per new info you can now undergo all necessary health checkups even at Qatar PHCC centres where you have not registered. Good if you check at the airport PHCC and ask about the new update. If in case you find any update please let us know. We will update everyone –

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