Qatar Cricket Association has announced the Qatar Premier T10 Cricket League (QPL) -

Qatar Cricket Association has announced the Qatar Premier T10 Cricket League (QPL)

Good news for cricket lovers in Qatar. The president of the Qatar Cricket Association (QCA) has announced a new T10 Cricket tournament. Qatar Premier T10 Cricket League (QPL) tentatively scheduled to take place from November to December 2019.

Qatar Premier T10 Cricket League (QPL) is going to be a treat for cricket lovers as they could watch the game played by international and also domestic players in Qatar. Up to 6 teams are expected to play in the first edition of the QPL.

Qatar Cricket Association president Yousef Jeham al-Kuwari said “I would like to announce that the Qatar Cricket Association will be organizing a T10 professional league competition towards the end of this year,” according to Gulf Times.

“We already have the approval from the International Cricket Council (ICC). Our intention is to have around 4-6 teams, with as many as eight professional players from overseas, and of course three domestic players. It will be a great opportunity for Qatar players to play alongside and against some of these experienced international players, which in turn will help them and us to take the players to get to the next stage.” He added.

Also, he stated that “We have a lot of talent, not only in the national team but also at under-19 and under-16 levels. The potential is huge but we need to facilitate and help them rise to the international level.”

Shahid Afridi has been taken on board as brand ambassador for QPL.

Afridi also confirmed this news on his twitter handle. He expressed his gratitude to The Qatar Olympic Committee President and to Qatar Cricket Association President for announcing QPL League.

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  • Abdulmazid

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh I want to join Qatar cricket club please how can I join can you tell me anyhow what you need to for the join only cricket I were a cricket playing in my country.I am a spinner all rounder batsman

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