Qatar to soon have a man-made forest -

Qatar to soon have a man-made forest

by QI Correspondent

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) first planted the idea of an ambitious project to grow a man-made-forest with 95,000 trees, around a huge sewage treatment plant in Umm Salal Ali, north of Doha in 2016.

Today, that dream has borne fruit with the project, developed by Nakheel Landscapes, almost near completion and is to include two lakes spread over 280,000 square metres located close to each other, and also four islands.

Various types of trees, some of them brought from different parts of the world appropriate to the desert environment have been planted; reeds and shrubs are being cultivated and artificial lakes established.

Trees have been carefully selected as they do not consume water in large quantities. There is a mixture of local and also decorative varieties of trees that are able to resist the harsh desert climatic conditions of Qatar.

The different trees have been planted in such a way that some sections are very dense and some sections not so dense.

A variety of flowering trees are being planted to line the entrance roads to the STW. Once the planting process within the landscaped area is completed, the desert area surrounding Doha North STW will be transformed into a man-made forest.

The Doha North Sewage Treatment Works Plant is one of Qatar’s strategic projects and aims to produce high-quality treated effluent for irrigation of plants at public parks and landscapes.

Treated water from the Doha North Sewage Treatment Works Plant will be used for irrigating the man-man made forest and is completely automated. The Plant is all set to bring down dependency on drinking water for irrigation.

A man-man made forest in Qatar will help filter air, water and sunlight, and support and provide shelter to birds and animals. This will help moderate the climate of Qatar by taking in greenhouse gases like CO2 that cause global warming, release more oxygen and reduce air pollution. It can even help change weather patterns and promote rainfall in the area.

The forest aims at reducing the carbon emissions by releasing more oxygen to the air to minimize the impact of the treatment plant. Special technology is being used to control the odour.

The look of the whole area is to be that of a public recreational park; there will be approximately 50 picnic spots and a number of hiking tracks for those who bring their families for a day out. There will also be a bird lagoon for the avid bird watchers. Boating and other facilities and activities are also planned.

So Qatar will soon have its own man-made forest that will not only provide a natural ‘breathing lung’ on the outskirts of the city but also provide a relaxing natural recreational place for citizens, residents as well as visitors alike.

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