Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) now in Delhi and Mumbai - Five more centres will be opened in India -

Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) now in Delhi and Mumbai – Five more centers will be opened in India

The State of Qatar launched its first Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) at the capital city of New Delhi in India on Wednesday (March 27, 2019). QVC in New Delhi launched in the presence of officials from both Qatar and India.

The Ministry of Interior posted on its official Twitter account on 27-March 2019, “Six more centres will be opened in #India in coming days in the cities of #Mumbai, #Kolkata, #Lucknow, #Hyderabad, #Chennai, and #Kochi”

On Friday 29th of March, Qatar launched its second Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) in Mumbai, India, in the presence of officials from both countries.

The center in Mumbai is the second one in India after New Delhi, which was opened a few days back, reported

Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) will enable Indians who are moving to Qatar on employment to complete fingerprint, biometric data processing and also employment contract signing in India itself through. Also, work visa procedures will speed up as expats complete procedures before they leave.

Earlier, Qatar Visa Centre’s were opened in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and also in Pakistan. There is no change in terms of recruitment procedures, expect that home countries now facilitate the procedures which simplies the process and also reduce the time. The Ministry of Interior website and Metrash 2 service provides all the necessary steps to apply for recruitment through the QVCs. All the fees necessary for the recruitment are to be paid by employers in Qatar and allow the expatriate to complete the procedures in QVC’s. team on behalf of all the Indians thank everyone, who is behind this initiative.

About Qatar Visa Centers (Source Credit: QatarVisaCenter)

Qatar Visa Centers are managed by a team of professionals who are dedicated to the ideal of building an organization on the principals of trust, transparency and transformation. Together, a culture is being built that is able to serve the visa applicants with highest commitments to quality, comfort and care. Visit QVC Website for more information.

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