Workers at the General Cleanness Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

The General Cleanness Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment will offer more garbage containers during Ramadan and the cleaning vehicles will work along 24 hours.

“The Department pays special attention to the Holy month of Ramadan because of the nature of consuming during this month where the quantity and quality of food waste increases from the rest of the year by up to 30 percent,” said Safar Mubarak Al Shafi, Director of the General Cleanness Department.

Department has taken into consideration all the obstacles like temporary closures for some streets, traffic jam and careless behavior of some people like throwing waste material on un-designated places, in addition to not throwing it on the proper time, he added.

Cleaning vehicles will focus more on main sites, commercial streets, entertainment areas, the Corniche and the Central Market, in addition to central market and abattoirs. The ministry has urged people to throw wastes only in garbage bins and also throw it on proper time so that the vehicles can remove it.

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