Sonu Nigam – all set to thrill music lovers today (23 Jan 2020)

Sonu Nigam – all set to thrill music lovers today (23 Jan 2020)

A musical journey Doha audiences will remember

George Julius Williams | Consulting Editor

The Ras Laffan hall of Concorde Hotel yesterday evening was abuzz with a melodious ring as Bollywood’s highly popular singer par-excellence Sonu Nigam spoke to the media, at a packed press conference, ahead of his much-awaited concert today.

The multi-talented singer/composer/actor/performer/anchor/celebrity judge will perform tonight in the Asian Town Amphitheatre at 7 pm.

Nigam has sung in practically every Indian language as well as English and his 3-year journey in the music industry has witnessed a repertoire of over 10,000 songs and an amazing record of over 40 mainstream awards, including the prestigious National Film Award. 

Answering the first question of the evening put forth by this writer on whether Nigam would like to sing in Arabic, the singer replied, “I would definitely want to if the opportunity came across. In fact, I started last year with a devotional song and ended with an English song with Polish singer Natalia Lesz which became immensely popular and that was the time I started thinking about singing in Arabic, Russian and Chinese also.”

Replying to QatarIndians next question about his career as an actor, Nigam stated that there is much more involved in achieving success than just the craft itself, one should make sure that it is also part of a great project.

“For example, it not enough to just sing a great song but also to ensure it is part of a credible project so that it reaches out to a larger audience,’ he pointed out.

“I am a firm believer in destiny and don’t take credit for right or wrong choices but rather just work hard and leave results to the Almighty. After I acted in a couple of movies, I realized that I was not enjoying being part of the project. So I made a pact with myself that only, and only if, I am convinced that is a credible project, I will invest my time and effort into it. A movie takes about 100 days to shoot and that is followed by promotions, premiers, etc and I have probably been one of the most busiest human beings on the planet for a very long time. I have worked hard and God has made me work hard. I am thankful to the Almighty that at a time when people are finding it difficult to find work, I have been extremely busy. So there is no point in wasting time over projects I don’t believe in. If things have to happen, it will. Like last year I did a short film that won the best actor’s award also.  You can probably watch it if you want.”

(My research shows that the short film is Saurabh Pandey’s 2019 award-winning movie Spotless which also stars Shweta Rohira). 

Answering another question on whether he will do a similar video to the one where he appeared incognito as an old beggar, Nigam replied he has no such plans at the moment. But if he does plan one than it has to come naturally from within.

“I used to do stuff when I was in my 20s as I was young and aggressive and wanted to try everything. Then I realized that I will not enjoy my life if I pre-calculate my every move. Now I act impromptu if something interests me then I will do it and if I do, you will know about it.”

Nigam further went to elaborate that in the last couple of years he has completely stopped taking singing assignments, as he has “found himself.”

“Some people can’t even claim that they have found something like this, in their entire lifetime. I have been leading a very peaceful, blissful and blessed life. I have not accepted offers for singing in films but prefer to do live performances. Having said that, I have no problems taking singing assignments, if I think it’s credible. After achieving a standard of success due to God’s grace I do not want to lower it my taking on below-average songs,” Nigam added.

Answering another query about remixes, Sonu said, “I have no problems singing re-mixes. Good and bad songs have always existed in films, the only difference is earlier the composers, lyrists, singers would give it their personal touch. Nowadays, it’s much more commercialized with everyone more interested in doing the “launch song” of the movie. But even today there are good songs and good singers.”

Nigam added that he has nothing against re-mixes as he has done it before when “I did not know how to say no.”

The current society seems to enjoy remixes but he personally does not ‘feel it is the right thing’ to do. However, in case a credible remix project comes along, he would definitely think about it.

Dr. Tejinder Singh, CEO, and founder of Q-Tickets who are the organisers, earlier welcomed Sonu Nigam and said, “I love Sonu’s song, his voice and his passion for the playback singing. So when Shop Qatar organisers requested us for a concert, the only name I could think of was Sonu Nigam who has been entertaining us for the past 27 years with memorable songs. We are looking forward to an exciting evening of entertaining songs at tomorrow’s concert.”

Dr. Singh also thanked his team members for all the time and effort put in to organize the event. Abhinav Upadhyay spoke on behalf of Sonu Nigam’s team and thanked the press for turning up and promoting the event.

The press conference was hosted by popular local MC Anshu Jain who also mentioned the tremendous behind-the-scenes efforts of Aarti Mahajan, co-founder of Q-Tickets in organizing the gigantic task of bringing in Sonu Nigam and his crew of 32 members which includes musicians, dancers and top visual, light and sound engineers to ensure that Doha is treated to a concert of a lifetime.

Tickets are starting from as low as QR 30 and the Sonu Nigam concert is bound to be a musical journey to remember. Click here to book your tickets now!

Tickets are available on Q-Tickets and selling fast. QatarIndians are media partners of the event.

Image Credit: q-tickets

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