Tasty Street – Mouth-watering food Drive thru kiosks

Tasty Street – Mouth-watering food Drive thru kiosks

The Tasty Street festival organised at Katara has over 300 mouth-watering food kiosks at an event being held at Shakespeare Street at the Katara Cultural Village and runs until March 2021 from 3 pm until mid-night.

As the cooler climes of November are upon us, its time to be prepared for more outdoor activities and outdoor fast food or fine dining places seem to be one of the best options.

One major fast food outdoor drive thru foodie destination is the new Tasty Street at Katara Cultural Village that will tease your palates till end of March next year.

Tasty Street which is located along Shakespeare Street, smack opposite the Qatar Music Academy and Al Jazeera Media Café has two short streets lined with food stalls where one can order either through the traditional ‘Drive-thru’ style or simply “walk-thru” – so its ideal choice for everyone, whether you own a car or just want to walk thru on your own two feet!

Comprising of mouth-watering 37 food stalls including restaurants and cafes, the foodie stalls are open from 3 pm to 12 am. Tasty Street gets awfully busy on weekends and if you want to avoid the crowds then weekdays are the best options but be warned that most of the stalls don’t open early and its best go after 4 pm to taste all the delicious options.

Tasty Street has a simple formula for foodies to follow – motorists can cruise along the street till they find a food stall of their choice, halt in front of the kiosk to have their orders taken, and then drive past again to pick up their meals. Others can simply amble up to the food stall, place their orders and walk away with tasty delights.

For night birds who want to venture out after sunset, Tasty Street is brightly lit up and a huge neon light signs welcomes guests at the arched entrance of Shakespeare street.

Sparkling, colourful and glowing LED lights that line up the street and stalls help to guide you through the well-lit street till you find the food or drink of your choice.

Spread over 6,300 sqm Tasty Street opened up the public on October 14, as an initiative with the aim to support Qatari entrepreneurs and the local tourism and entertainment sectors and a unique place where one can find the following foodie outlets on the scenic street.

Tasty Street has the following foodie and drinkie stalls:

Coffee shops/cafes and sweets

  • Sip Coffee
  • Sugar Bites
  • Choco Bisc Cafe
  • Risk Coffee House
  • Clé cafe
  • Waves Specialty Coffee
  • On Spot Cafe
  • Cuppers Coffee & Co.
  • 91° Coffee
  • Pause Cafe
  • Le Kiosque
  • JOLT Coffee
  • Persian Ice Cream
  • Al Hallab offers Qatari
  • DSRT Lab
  • Local Cookies
  • Paws
  • Dinara Kasko Pastry Art Doha
  • Donutty
  • Karak Cup
  • 974 Specialty Coffee
  • Hattrick Coffee


  • Traffic Burger
  • CHKN
  • Delish
  • QQQ Burger
  • Scary Burger
  • Paprika
  • LAVA Burger
  • Micro Burger

Extra Options

  • TabiBoba-Onezo Bubble Tea
  • Seventy West Restaurant & Cafe
  • Chef Alfreej
  • Om Alzain Kitchen
  • Lemons
  • OCEAN Mussels & More

So make use of the cool November weather and let your palates be tickled with the delicious delights on Tasty Street!

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