The Indian government has decided to hold mandatory registration of ECNR passport holders traveling on employment

The Indian government has decided to hold mandatory registration of ECNR passport holders traveling on employment to 18 countries including Qatar.

On 14th of November 2018, Ministry of External Affairs made an advisory to all Indians with ECNR passports traveling on employment to 18 countries including Qatar should register on

In response to the concerns raised by non-resident Indians (NRI) across the globe, the Government of India has decided to temporarily hold this mandatory registration. In its latest advisory released on Wednesday 28th Nov, the ministry said it received “representations from various quarters, including non-ECR passport holders already employed in ECR countries, regarding difficulties faced by them in registration on”. However, the advisory added that Indians who want to register on voluntarily can do so.

Many Indian expats across the globe welcomed this decision by MEA deferring mandatory registration.

A guide to Non-ECR e-Migrate registration – All you wanted to know

A guide to Non-ECR e-Migrate registration – All you wanted to know

On 14th of Nov 2018, MEA issued an advisory for all Indians with ECNR Passports traveling on employment to 18 notified countries including Qatar to register on

QatarIndians team gathered information through various resources to help Indians in Qatar or planning to move to Qatar on employment. The below e-Migrate registration FAQ’s should

What is e-Migrate registration all about?

As a mandate to provide protection and welfare to Indian immigrants abroad, all the Non-Emigration Check Required (Non-ECR) passport holders who are migrating for “overseas employment” (traveling on Employment visa) to 18 notified countries (which includes Qatar) are advised to register online at

The objective of this registration is to record data of all Indian emigrants which will help MEA to reach in case of any circumstances without any delay.

When does a traveler should register?

It is mandatory to complete the registration at least 24 hours prior to their departure. Prior to your departure, the Bureau of Immigration (BoI) at emigration counters would verify and confirm the registration.

Am already on an employment in Qatar. Do I need to register it now?

If you are already working in Qatar (currently in Qatar) you are not required to register it now. However, when you go to India on vacation and while you return to Qatar at the same employment you need to register.

Do I need to register every time I come back from India after vacation?

No. However, during registration, you have to provide the duration of your employment and if the vacation falls within that employment period then there is no need to do the registration again. For e.g. Am in Qatar on a 2 year employment visa and I completed my emigrate registration specifying that. In that case, within that 2 year period, I can go to India for vacation as many times and I don’t need to register.

How to do the registration?

  • Visit
  • Go to ECNR Registration
  • Key in your details and follow the steps to complete the registration form
  • The emigrant would receive a confirmatory SMS / Email

What all information you may provide to do this registration?

You will have to provide very minimal information which includes the below,

Name | Passport Details | Country of Employment | Employer Name (This registration has no influence on employee’s contract)

Does this registration involve any cost?

No. There is no cost involved and this is a free registration

We tried our best to gather as much as information. If you have any questions, please post it under comments and we will try to find the answers for your queries.


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