10th Katara Traditional Dhow Festival 2020 from 1 – 5 Dec 2020

The 10th edition of Katara Traditional Dhow Festival 2020 is all set to begin on 1st of December and runs until 5th December 2020.

  • Schedule: 1-5 December 2020
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm & 3:30 pm to 10:00 pm daily (On 4th Dec 4 it starts from 3:30 pm until 11:00 pm)
  • Entry: Free. No tickets required
  • Location: Driving directions https://goo.gl/maps/duK7fDr8QZc2WPiq9

Qatar has a special love on traditional sailing boats called as dhows which has a long history. As a part of that Qatar has launched an event for Traditional Dhow Festival 10 years back. Dhow Festival will be held at the Katara Cultural Village starting from Dec 1, 2020.

This years Dhow Festival features Oman, Kuwait, Iraq and Zanzibar along with Qatar. Participating countries in this edition along with Qatar are Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, and Zanzibar.

Reflecting the heritage of Qatar’s ancestors Dhow festival features performances, activities, exhibitions of the maritime heritage collections and competetions amoung the participating countries. Also there will be Omani Folk Band performance everyday, traditional stage shows, story-telling sessions and more…

“The 10th edition of the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival is being launched this year amid continuing health and safety precautionary measures against Covid-19 as per the Ministry of Public Health protocols to protect all members of society,” says Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti, General Manager of Katara.

He also added that, “The distinguished festival is based on the remarkable success it has achieved in the past decade as the most important international cultural and heritage forum that restores maritime heritage in its originality, arts, and tradition, through activities that contribute in culturally enriching the younger generation. The festival is much awaited each year and has a special place in the hearts of its fans and visitors.”

Image: Just for illustrative purposes only

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Tasty Street – Mouth-watering food Drive thru kiosks

Tasty Street – Mouth-watering food Drive thru kiosks

The Tasty Street festival organised at Katara has over 300 mouth-watering food kiosks at an event being held at Shakespeare Street at the Katara Cultural Village and runs until March 2021 from 3 pm until mid-night.

As the cooler climes of November are upon us, its time to be prepared for more outdoor activities and outdoor fast food or fine dining places seem to be one of the best options.

One major fast food outdoor drive thru foodie destination is the new Tasty Street at Katara Cultural Village that will tease your palates till end of March next year.

Tasty Street which is located along Shakespeare Street, smack opposite the Qatar Music Academy and Al Jazeera Media Café has two short streets lined with food stalls where one can order either through the traditional ‘Drive-thru’ style or simply “walk-thru” – so its ideal choice for everyone, whether you own a car or just want to walk thru on your own two feet!

Comprising of mouth-watering 37 food stalls including restaurants and cafes, the foodie stalls are open from 3 pm to 12 am. Tasty Street gets awfully busy on weekends and if you want to avoid the crowds then weekdays are the best options but be warned that most of the stalls don’t open early and its best go after 4 pm to taste all the delicious options.

Tasty Street has a simple formula for foodies to follow – motorists can cruise along the street till they find a food stall of their choice, halt in front of the kiosk to have their orders taken, and then drive past again to pick up their meals. Others can simply amble up to the food stall, place their orders and walk away with tasty delights.

For night birds who want to venture out after sunset, Tasty Street is brightly lit up and a huge neon light signs welcomes guests at the arched entrance of Shakespeare street.

Sparkling, colourful and glowing LED lights that line up the street and stalls help to guide you through the well-lit street till you find the food or drink of your choice.

Spread over 6,300 sqm Tasty Street opened up the public on October 14, as an initiative with the aim to support Qatari entrepreneurs and the local tourism and entertainment sectors and a unique place where one can find the following foodie outlets on the scenic street.

Tasty Street has the following foodie and drinkie stalls:

Coffee shops/cafes and sweets

  • Sip Coffee
  • Sugar Bites
  • Choco Bisc Cafe
  • Risk Coffee House
  • Clé cafe
  • Waves Specialty Coffee
  • On Spot Cafe
  • Cuppers Coffee & Co.
  • 91° Coffee
  • Pause Cafe
  • Le Kiosque
  • JOLT Coffee
  • Persian Ice Cream
  • Al Hallab offers Qatari
  • DSRT Lab
  • Local Cookies
  • Paws
  • Dinara Kasko Pastry Art Doha
  • Donutty
  • Karak Cup
  • 974 Specialty Coffee
  • Hattrick Coffee


  • Traffic Burger
  • CHKN
  • Delish
  • QQQ Burger
  • Scary Burger
  • Paprika
  • LAVA Burger
  • Micro Burger

Extra Options

  • TabiBoba-Onezo Bubble Tea
  • Seventy West Restaurant & Cafe
  • Chef Alfreej
  • Om Alzain Kitchen
  • Lemons
  • OCEAN Mussels & More

So make use of the cool November weather and let your palates be tickled with the delicious delights on Tasty Street!

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Online expo to highlight 7th edition of ‘Colours of Desert’ | Artists will creatively portray ‘Journey of Qatar to 2022’

Online expo to highlight 7th edition of ‘Colours of Desert’ | Artists will creatively portray ‘Journey of Qatar to 2022’

By Arts Correspondent

Next month, art lovers in Qatar will witness a virtual expo titled ‘Qatar – Road to 2022’ by MAPS International in collaboration with Katara Cultural Village. The necessity to hold a virtual expo is obviously due to the fact that the world is going through pandemic times.

This will be the 7th edition of ‘The Colours of Desert 2020’ – a series of annual exhibitions that highlights different aspects of Qatar through creative works and the past six editions have garnered much appreciation for portraying life in Qatar in different hues and colours of life.

This year’s annual MAPS International exhibition – a Doha-based social art community that will go virtual in August is based on the theme of ‘Qatar – Road to 2022.’

Online registration is currently underway for artists based in Qatar as well as foreign participants of earlier Qatar International Art Festival exhibitions which were also organised by MAPS International.

Eligible artistic ingredients include – painting, photography, mixed media, oil/chalk pastels, block/ink print, pottery/vessels, sculpture, digital art, collage, metal work, fibre/textile art, wood work and contemporary craft.

Online expo to highlight 7th edition of ‘Colours of Desert’

According to Lina al-Aali – an artist, author, certified trainer and former member of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Society of Fine Arts who is also curator of the exhibition, “The online exhibition is inviting those artists interested to contribute towards developing the content of these electronic exhibitions, which will be displayed after the completion of collection, arrangement and organisation of art pieces on the Katara website.

These exhibitions include topics that explore the composition of the final art including, the story of the Qatari cuisine, eco-habitats and natural life. These exhibitions provide a platform for the exchange of creative ideas that can contribute to reducing the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Any exhibition is a chance for any artist to show their talents, especially with organiser like MAPS International. They are not only considering artists based in Qatar but also from aboard to strengthen the Qatari identity. The exhibition is also aligned with the concept of different colours of desert,” she added while speaking to local media.

Speaking to QatarIndians, Rashmi Agarwal, president of MAPS International

Rashmi Agarwal, President of MAPS International

Speaking to QatarIndians, Rashmi Agarwal, president of MAPS International remarked, “The theme for this year’s exhibition is very important. Entitled – “ Journey of Qatar to 2022” – the expo lays great emphasis on the diversity of culture and life in this small but great nation. Participating artists will display their love and loyalty towards Qatar using a myriad of artistic mediums. MAPS International is expecting over 75 artists from 25 different countries to take part in this unique virtual expo.

The variety of colours that mark the final destination is naturally very important but equally significant is the journey to reach there.”

Furthermore, Rashmi expressed her enthusiasm regarding the significance of the number 7 in dynamic mix of universe and life. “The digit Seven signifies the completeness and perfection of nature and life and it is much more prevalent in nature than we actually realize. There are seven colours in a rainbow, seven oceans, seven continents, seven vertebrae in the neck, seven layers of skin – two outer and five inner, ocean waves roll in sevens, even music has seven notes, there are seven directions encompassing the earth, there seven days in a week, the earth was created in seven days, a cube has seven dimensions and according to experts there is an obvious 7-year economic cycle that universal businesses face and so on so forth.”

Rashmi also highlighted the support local artistic community gets from Katara and is eternally grateful for the Cultural Villiage’s continuous support and encouragement. “Katara have always been very helpful and supportive through all our previous exhibitions and none of it would not have been possible without their total co-operation and collaboration,” she concluded.

QatarIndians along with the rest of art lovers in the country eagerly await next month’s 7th edition of Colours of Desert to virtually ride the ‘Journey of Qatar to 2022’.

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Support Qatar – Watch Qatar Vs Japan 2019 AFC Asian Cup Final at big screens in Doha

Support Qatar – Watch Qatar Vs Japan 2019 AFC Asian Cup Final at big screens in Doha

Express your support to our Qatar team. Enjoy the live match in giant screens with your family and friends. The final match is set to kick off at 5:00 pm local time.

Support Qatar – Enjoy the live screening of the match at the below mentioned public venues.

  • Mall of Qatar – Ooredoo Stage, Mall of Qatar, Dukhan Road – Get Directions
  • Airport Park – (near Qatar Airways Tower 2), Old Airport Street – Get Directions
  • Souq Waqif – Western Car Park, Corniche Street, Al Jasra – Get Directions
  • Lagoona Mall – Piazza, Lagoona Mall, 66 West Bay, Lagoon Street – Get Directions
  • Katara Cultural Village – Katara promenade, near the Amphitheatre (Make a reservation for the seats and tables at the earliest as availability is limited. Tel: +974 4408 0000. Call Centre: 182) – Get Directions
  • Msheireb Downtown Doha – Sahat Wadi Msheireb – Get Directions
  • The Pearl Qatar – The Amphitheatre, 30 La Croisette, towards the end of Porto Arabia drive – Get Directions
  • Aspire Park – Giant Screen (behind the lake) – Get Directions
  • Torba Farmers Market – Education City – Get Directions

Time to celebrate Qatar National Day 2018 – Events and Activities

Time to celebrate Qatar National Day 2018

The National Day Organising Committee 2018 has announced that the theme for Qatar National Day 2018 combines one of the poetic verses of the Founder and the National Anthem. The motto of Qatar National Day 2018, “As long as it was proven by our deeds“, which is one of the poetic verses said by the Founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani, and the accompanying slogan “Qatar Will Remain Free“.

QatarIndians team presents you some of the important events happening around Qatar as a part of Qatar National Day 2018 celebrations. Here you go!

National Parade (Corniche | Dec 18, 2018 |2.45 PM)

The largest national parade by MOI, Emiri Guards, Lekhwiya, Civil Defense and other governmental bodies will be held at the Corniche tomorrow on the occasion of Qatar National Day Celebrations 2018. Aerial and sea displays by the air force and navy will also be part of this event. The Corniche road will be closed from 10 am. 

Fireworks (Corniche | Dec 18, 2018 | 8 to 8.10 pm)

An event which shouldn’t be missed on the Qatar National Day – Skies of Corniche will be filled with lights for 10 minutes during this special fireworks event which happens every year (Usual time is from 8 pm and 8.10 pm)

Drone Air Show (Katara | Dec 17 & 18 )

Last year hundreds of drones thrilled us with an amazing air show at Katara. It is going to happen this year too with around 500 drones. Drone show will take place for 10 minutes with the fireworks display on December 17 and December 19. Last year drones formed national icons which include Qatar map, Qatar flag, national animal Oryx and face of HH the Emir (Image Credit:  thepeninsulaqatar.com)

Katara Cultural Village – National Day Celebrations

Katara Cultural Village - National Day Celebrations - QatarIndians.comKatara Cultural Village has lined up more than 45 events and activities to mark the Qatar National Day from Dec 11 to Dec 19, 2018. Activities and Events at Katara include fireworks, opera, musical shows, parachuting, drone shows, cultural shows and other fun-filled activities. The activities will take place at different venues at Katara Corniche, Katara amphitheater and Katara beach.

  • Opera titled “Citizens and expats- we are one,” to be staged on December 17 and December 19. There will be two shows on both days at 7 pm and 9 pm.
  • A high tech planetarium with a gigantic screen will be launched on 18th of December 2018.
  • Parachute jump:  Special Forces participating in the celebration will display parachute jump on December 17 and 19. Both days will feature two shows at 7 pm and 9 pm.
  • Fireworks & Drone Show: A 10-minute spectacular fireworks display will take place on 17 December and 19 December.
  • Cultural bazaar: There will also be a cultural bazaar by Bedaya Centre where a wide range of native products such as clothes, perfumes and traditional cuisine will be available.
  • Art competitions and workshops for children, an exhibition of classic cars, art exhibitions, as well as traditional Qatari dances, music shows and cultural shows are among the planned activities.

Darb Al Saai (December 12 – 20, 2018)

‘Darb Al Saai’ Organised by Qatar National Day Committee, is one of the most awaited events of every Qatar National Day which attracts residents and expats in Qatar.  ‘Darb Al Saai’ opened on 12th of December and events goes on till 20th of December 2018.

  • 17-Dec: 9 am to 1 pm (Families Only); 3.30pm to 10 pm (Women Only)
  • 18-Dec: 9 am to 1 pm; 3.30pm to 10 pm (18th Dec morning and evening timings are open to all visitors)
  • 19-Dec: 9 am to 1 pm (Women Only); 3.30pm to 10 pm (Families Only)
  • 20-Dec: 9 am to 1 pm (Families Only); 3.30pm to 11 pm (Open for all)

Activities include,

  • Al Maqtar – The old desert lifestyle
  • The Doha pavilion – An opportunity for all institutions representing all sectors to participate and show their cultural activities to visitors
  • Al Rail- A special event for families and children
  • Al Shaqab – Offers pony rides, traditional show, children’s activities, games and various shows and demonstrations
  • Al Liwan Women’s Tent – Special event for women and includes many different women’s activities
  • Souq Waqif activity – Opportunity for owners of the small projects to participate in this national exhibition

About 30 entities from government and non-government sector are participating in Darb Al Saai festivities and getting larger space this year, such as the Ministry of Interior, the Police College, and Kahramaa. Also, the space of The Doha Pavilion tent will be increased, in addition to Mawater’s Classic cars. Reported thepeninsulaqatar.com

Doha Festival City (December 17, 2018 – January 2, 2019)

In Partnership with Cartoon Network channel, Doha Festival City launch of the Adventure Time Activity Zone in conjunction with Qatar National Day. The activity zone will be themed as the “Land of Ooo” and will feature an array of activities for kids aged between 4 and 12 years old which include Arts & Crafts, a maze, mini golf, screenings of fan-favorite episodes and opportunities to try the Adventure Time

Aspire Zone Celebrations

Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) will host celebrations in collaboration with the Ministry of Administrative Development Labour and Social Affairs from 13 to 18 December as apart of  Qatar National Day 2018. Celebrations at Aspire Zone includes 16 booths at Aspire Park which offers citizens and residents a chance to taste a wide range of food, live cooking demonstrations, pop up photo studios, henna designs, and games for children.

We love being in this country that has become our home away from home! Happy National Day!


Planetarium in Qatar will be launched on Qatar National Day 2018

Planetarium in Qatar will be launched on Qatar National Day 2018

The first of its kind high tech planetarium with a gigantic screen will be launched at the Katara Cultural Village on 18th of December 2018. This launch will be a major highlight of Katara’s 2018 National Day celebrations.

This was revealed at a press conference held yesterday at Katara to announce the lineup of events and activities for the annual celebration. The facility is set to witness another significant addition to Katara’s already rich offering to visitors and tourists, Reported thepeninsulaqatar.com

As a part of the National Day celebrations at Katara Cultural Village, expats and visitors can enjoy the fireworks, musical shows, parachuting, cultural shows, opera titled “Citizens and expats- we are one” and many other fun-filled activities.

Image used in this article is just for representation of planets.


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