Qatar Visa Centers in India (QVCs) – Five more added and now 7 centers in India

Qatar Visa Centers in India (QVCs) – Five more added and now 7 centers in India

Qatar Visa Centers in India (QVCs) were launched at New Delhi and also in Mumbai on 27th March & 29th March 2019 respectively. Likewise, MoI Qatar has opened five more centers now in India. With the new addition, now QVC’s are in 7 locations in India. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Chennai as well as Kochi are the QVC Centers in India. Qatar has opened five new visa centers in India as part of its project, launched last year, targeting eight labour-exporting countries.

The QVCs project has been successful in providing distinct services which streamline procedures for expatriates to work in the country and also facilitating all kinds of visa procedures in India itself. QVC’s provides Biometric Enrollment and also Medical Screening Services.

Qatar Visa Center in India – Location, Address and also Working Hours

Mumbai (Bandra East): 201/2, Hallmark Business Plaza, Sant Dyaneshwar Marg, Near Gurunanak Hospital, Bandra East, Mumbai – 400051
Chennai (Saligrammam): Shyamala Towers,1st Floor, East wing, 136 Arcot Road, Saligrammam, Chennai – 600 093
Delhi (Akshardham): Unit no 2, Lower ground floor, Parsvnath Mall, Akshardham Metro Station, Akshardham, New Delhi. 110092
Hyderabad (Telangana): Ground Floor, South Wing (Krishe Block), Krishe Sapphire Building, Hitech City Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500081.
Cochin (Edappally): Door No 38/4111/D, Ground Floor, National Pearl Star building, Near Changampuzha Park Metro Station, Edappally Cochin-682024, Kerala
Kolkata: Bengal Intelligent Park, Building Gamma, 1st Floor, Block-EP & GP, Sector-V, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Kolkata – 700 091
Lucknow (Gomti Nagar): BBD Viraj Towers, 2nd Floor, TC G/1A – V/3 Vibhuti Khand, Shaheed Path, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow Pincode – 226010, Uttar Pradesh.

Qatar Visa Centers in India – Working Hours:

Biometric Enrollment: 08:30 HRS – 16:30 HRS
Medical Screening: 09:00 HRS – 17:00 HRS
Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +91 44 6133 1333
(Phone assistance is available from Monday to Friday between 08:30 HRS – 17:00 HRS)

Major Abdullah Khalifa Al Mohannadi, Director of the Visa Support Services Department at the General Directorate of Passports said that “QVCs project targets the opening of 20 service centers in eight countries. Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Tunisia”. He also pointed out that QVCs are characterized by rapid completion of procedures for the residency of expatriates. As well as follow-up by the relevant authorities in Qatar. Reported

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Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) now in Delhi and Mumbai – Five more centres will be opened in India

Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) now in Delhi and Mumbai – Five more centers will be opened in India

The State of Qatar launched its first Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) at the capital city of New Delhi in India on Wednesday (March 27, 2019). QVC in New Delhi launched in the presence of officials from both Qatar and India.

The Ministry of Interior posted on its official Twitter account on 27-March 2019, “Six more centres will be opened in #India in coming days in the cities of #Mumbai, #Kolkata, #Lucknow, #Hyderabad, #Chennai, and #Kochi”

On Friday 29th of March, Qatar launched its second Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) in Mumbai, India, in the presence of officials from both countries.

The center in Mumbai is the second one in India after New Delhi, which was opened a few days back, reported

Qatar Visa Centre (QVC) will enable Indians who are moving to Qatar on employment to complete fingerprint, biometric data processing and also employment contract signing in India itself through. Also, work visa procedures will speed up as expats complete procedures before they leave.

Earlier, Qatar Visa Centre’s were opened in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and also in Pakistan. There is no change in terms of recruitment procedures, expect that home countries now facilitate the procedures which simplies the process and also reduce the time. The Ministry of Interior website and Metrash 2 service provides all the necessary steps to apply for recruitment through the QVCs. All the fees necessary for the recruitment are to be paid by employers in Qatar and allow the expatriate to complete the procedures in QVC’s. team on behalf of all the Indians thank everyone, who is behind this initiative.

About Qatar Visa Centers (Source Credit: QatarVisaCenter)

Qatar Visa Centers are managed by a team of professionals who are dedicated to the ideal of building an organization on the principals of trust, transparency and transformation. Together, a culture is being built that is able to serve the visa applicants with highest commitments to quality, comfort and care. Visit QVC Website for more information.

Image Credit: QatarVisaCenter

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MoI urged employers to prepare for new entry and exit rules for expats

MoI urged employers to prepare for new entry and exit rules for expats

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) have called on all private companies and employers to prepare for the implementation of the amendment of the law regulating entry, exit and residency of the expatriates. “The Ministry has completed all the procedures related to the implementation of the law. The law allowed the employees of private companies to leave without exit permit except the proportion of five percent of their workers, which is a percentage determined by the employer due to the nature of their work like those who work in money exchange companies and gold shops and so on,” said Director of Labour Inspection Department at the MADLSA, Mohammed Ali Al Meer, Reported

Qatar MoI has recently brought a major policy change to put an end to exit permits through which expat workers can exit the country without obtaining an exit permit from the employer.

Also, MoI has brought an initiative which allows expat workers to complete certain procedures including fingerprinting and biometric data processing, medical examination and the signing of work contracts at their home countries.

The project will be implemented in eight countries as a first stage, namely: Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Tunisia. The project will be implemented in Sri Lanka next month and later in the rest of the eight countries and be followed in all the countries from where the recruitment is made.

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Qatar to open ‘authorised medical centres’ for residency procedures in eight countries this year

Qatar to open ‘authorised medical centres’ for residency procedures in eight countries this year

Completing medical procedures for a work visa to Qatar will become a lot more simpler by the end of the year.

This is because the country is keen to start centres for medical check-ups in the country of a worker’s origin before they even board the plane to Qatar.

People from eight countries will be able to make use of this facility by the end of the year, according to Abdulrahim Mohammed Al Mushiri, who is the Supervisor of the Medical Commission in Doha.

“The work in this regard is currently ongoing in eight source countries at the moment including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Tunisia. Under this arrangement, foreign workers can go for medical tests at selected hospitals or medical centres approved by Qatar in their home countries,” Al Mushiri told Qatar Tribune.

In its efforts to protect rights of expatriate workers, Qatar has made residency procedures easier for foreigners heading for jobs in the country.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) had signed an agreement with a Singapore-based Company in this regard in 2017.

Under the new system, those coming for work in Qatar can complete their medical checkup, record bio-metric data and fingerprint and sign work contracts in their home countries itself before coming to Qatar.

The move will help bring down the cases of rejection of expat workers on the grounds of being medically unfit. Currently, such cases stand at 3% of the total number of workers.

“The authorities concerned will take necessary actions against agencies which violate the instructions about the medical tests specified by Qatar,” Al Mushiri said.

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