Indians in Qatar celebrate 5th International Day of Yoga with community get-togethers

Indians in Qatar celebrate 5th International Day of Yoga with community get-togethers

Indians in Qatar united in one accord to celebrate the 5th International Day of Yoga on June 21.

Assembling in large numbers in front of the iconic National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) members of the Indian community joyfully embraced the spirit of Yoga in the early hours of the memorable day.

Indian Ambassador P. Kumaran was the chief guest and his presence encouraged people to participate in the fitness regime.

The impressive demonstration of Indian expats practicing yoga was organized by the Embassy of India in Doha jointly with Qatar Museums and other Indian community organizations registered under the patronage of the Indian Cultural Centre.

The demonstration was an excellent opportunity for supporters of yoga to showcase the importance of this exercise to others by underlining the benefits to mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Yoga originated in India ages ago and is a traditional and ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that focuses on the connection between the mind and the body.

There are multiple physical and mental benefits of yoga such as increased energy, improved metabolism, enhanced cardio and circulatory health, stress relief, calmness, and mental clarity, among others.

Led by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian missions across the globe celebrated the International Day of Yoga with an unprecedented gettogether of like-minded yoga enthusiasts.

According to Manjri Saxena in the Gulf Times, “ We recently celebrated the fifth International Yoga Day in Qatar. It was a very well organised event that had good help from the volunteers. Thousands of people from different communities, including all age groups, gathered to mark the event.

Yoga has many benefits that go beyond maintaining physical well-being. It also has mental health benefits and can also help people in maintaining a balanced metabolism, apart from reducing stress and improved energy and vitality.

The main yoga event was conducted by a reputed instructor and all the people followed the instructions. It was quite a vision to see a mass yoga event taking place in Qatar”.

According to The Peninsula, the celebration was a part of the global commemoration of the International Day of Yoga and was held at National Museum of Qatar from 5 – 6 in the morning and at Qatar Sports Club Multi-Purpose Indoor Hall from 7 – 8 pm in the following evening.

Yoga camps and workshops were also held at Asian Town, Al Khor, and Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum.

Dukhan recreational Centre hosted Yoga activities and many schools in Qatar also organised Yoga sessions during the week.

Yoga classes for Indian community-based in Al Khor were also organised by the community.

The various events in Qatar included Yoga demonstrations by experts and provided an opportunity for all to participate in sessions based on Common Yoga Protocol and comprised of various postures and breathing techniques, followed by meditation.

As a prelude to the celebration of the 5th International Day of Yoga, numerous workshops and also demonstrations in collaboration with well-known Doha based Yoga Studios were conducted by the Indian Embassy in last two months including workshops for students in various schools based in Doha.

The United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014, declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. Also on June 21, 2015, the first International Day of Yoga was celebrated worldwide.

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Modi Returns – Congratulate and Wish Narendra Modi on the historic victory

Modi Returns – Congratulate and Wish Narendra Modi on the historic victory team congratulates and Wish Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and also his team on the election victory. Look forward to greater success, peace, and prosperity under his leadership.

The 2019 election verdict came in stronger than the average of exit polls, with the NDA tally aggregating at 337 seats (as of 1630 hours IST), which resoundingly paved the way for Modi govt 2.0. After Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, Narendra Modi is the only PM to return to power with full majority.Modi 2.0: Narendra Modi returns - Congratulate and Wish Narendra Modi on the victory

Modi 2.0 Highlights:

  • Modi 2.0 – The first prime minister to return to power winning a bigger vote share for the party and also only PM to return to power with full majority in the house of parliament (after Nehru and Indira Gandhi)
  • More than 41% of total votes polled for BJP
  • The BJP won 63 of the 65 seats in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh where it had lost the Assembly elections to the Congress just six months ago
  • Nifty touched 12,000 and also Sensex reached 40,000 – Lifetime highs on Thursday

In his victory speech, Narendra Modi described the “historic” election as a victory of the people and also an event for the world to admire and applaud.

This is the biggest event in the democratic world. The import of this victory will be recognised across the globe. This was an election fought and won by the people of India. The sentiment of the people is a guarantee for the bright future of India. I congratulate all the victorious MPs, whichever party they belong to and whichever State they belong to. I congratulate the winners in the Assembly elections. The BJP is committed to the Constitution of India and federalism. I assure the winners in Assembly elections that the Centre is a party to the progress of their States,” said the PM, tearing up and choking at least thrice during his speech.

Modi also made a pledge, “I will not do anything with bad intent, I will not do anything for myself. Each second of my day, every particle of my body belongs to the country.

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Who is going to be the next Prime Minister of India? Election Results 2019

Who is going to be the next Prime Minister of India – Election Results 2019

India, the world’s largest democracy had a 7-week long election process which ended a few days ago. 542 seats and 8000 candidates fighting for it. Counting starts tomorrow morning and by this time tomorrow, we will know Election Results and what people have decided. Whether people let Modi 2.0 starts or Rahul Gandhi Rules.

Indian voters are always capable of giving surprises. No matter who wins, the real winner will be India’s democracy. A day to celebrate India’s democracy.

Election Results 2019 – Vote Counting

Counting starts at 8 am IST and halfway through the counting process, we could see the trend and somewhat guess the winner. Winner of each constituency will also be declared tomorrow.

Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) are the two largest pre-poll coalitions in this election. However, the state (regional) parties will play a big role in deciding the government formation. The regional parties which are not of any alliance will have the numbers to tilt the scales.

For the first time in a Lok Sabha elections, the results of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will be matched with VVPAT slips. VVPAT slips are generated by paper trail machines. Before announcing the final results, 5 randomly selected EVMs will be counted in each Assembly segment after EVM votes are counted. Results may be delayed by 3-4 hours due to VVPAT counting, says EC

The President’s role after the elections is very important as there is a huge chance of a hung verdict. There is no rule book for him. President Ram Kovind is most likely to invite the pre-poll largest alliance with the highest number of seats will get the first chance to prove the majority and form the government.

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Gaganyaan 2022- India’s first manned space flight

Gaganyaan 2022- India’s first manned space flight

Facts about India’s ambitious Gaganyaan project:

  • India could potentially become the 4th country to send humans to space (after USSR, the US, and China)
  • ISRO to send 3 Indian astronauts to spend 7 Days in Space
  • PM Narendra Modi set 2022 as the deadline for the launch of Gaganyaan during his Independence Day speech
  • The Union cabinet has approved a budget of INR 10,000 crore for the programme
  • ISRO plans to deploy its biggest rocket GSLV Mk III the three-stage heavy-lift launch vehicle for this project
  • The “demonstration phase” plan includes undertaking 1 human flight and 2 unmanned flights
  • Indian space crew of three expected to be placed in a low earth orbit of 300-400 km for 5-7 days
  • Russia and France agreed to provide assistance in Gaganyaan project
  • India plans to call its astronauts “Vyomnauts”
  • ISRO has also mastered the art of making a spacesuit which will be used by Indian astronauts when they get sent into space from Sriharikota
  • ISRO carried out a crucial Pad Abort Test earlier this year when a 12.5-ton crew module was tested to make sure in case of an accident on the Launchpad; the crew can be rescued safely
  • ISRO expects the space mission to generate 15,000 jobs

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GES 2017: The Most Eye-Catching Indian Innovations Unveiled in Hyderabad

GES 2017: The Most Eye-Catching Indian Innovations Unveiled in Hyderabad

Different Indian startups and entrepreneurs have displayed their products for delegates to see and appreciate.

Hyderabad is currently hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017. Over 1500 entrepreneurs, investors, educators, government officials, and also business representatives are expected to attend the global event addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the US delegation led by Ivanka Trump. The Summit will highlight India’s support ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship along with its efforts in ease of doing business, eliminating unnecessary regulations as well as supporting startups.

This year’s theme is ‘women first, prosperity for all.’

A part of the event that has caught attention is the Product Showcase Wall put up at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre by the Indian government. Different startups and entrepreneurs have displayed their products for delegates to see and appreciate.

One of them is the country’s first smart electric scooter — a model of the S340 — developed by Bengaluru-based techie Tarun Mehta, co-founder of Ather Energy. It costs around ₹1 lakh and will be available in the market by the middle of next year. The scooter runs on a lithium-ion battery pack design, with a touchscreen dashboard and a speed of up to 72 km/h.

It can travel up to 60km on a single charge and also can be driven in flood-affected areas as well.

India’s first electric scooter. Image source - Ather Energy

India’s first electric scooter. Image source – Ather Energy

When partially submerged, you can ride it for up to 30 mins. It also has an inbuilt global positioning system, reports Deccan Chronicle.

Another product that has grabbed attention is the AmbuPod, which is a three-wheeled solar-powered micro-ambulance developed by a Pune-based startup. The AmbuPod will help solve the issue of patients in need of emergency medical help getting stuck in traffic. It can act as a 24-hour ambulance accommodating one patient on a single stretcher and can be attached to a two-wheeler for navigating through crowded roads.

There are seats for medical attendants as well.

The AmbuPod. Image source - @DIPPGOI

The AmbuPod. Image source – @DIPPGOI

The vehicle is weatherproof and has a makeshift tent kit for pregnant women in case of an urgent delivery. It is charged with solar power. The AmbuPod is still waiting to hit the market.

Ethereal Machine’s Halo, a 5D Printer was also on display at the Summit. According to its co-founder, the machine can be used in the defence, aerospace, and, healthcare sectors, Deccan Chronicle reported. In the defence sector, it will be able to manufacture small parts of heavy-duty vehicles. In the healthcare sector, it will be able to make moulds for syringes and medical equipment. The 5D printer has already arrived in the market.

Other products also displayed at the wall included a palm-sized micro drone by Drona Aviation, a smart sleep and wellness tracking baby monitor, the MiRCam from Cardiac Design Labs and an iBreastExam device that helps bring cancer detection and other health services closer to those who need it.

(Featured image creadit: NITI Aayog)

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Qatar FM briefs Indian leaders on Gulf crisis

Qatar FM briefs Indian leaders on Gulf crisis

His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani sent yesterday a written message to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pertaining to the bilateral relations and means to develop them.

The message was delivered by HE the Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani during a meeting with Modi in New Delhi.

Earlier, the foreign minister held talks with India’s Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj.

They discussed bilateral relations and the means to enhance them as well as the latest developments in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The foreign minister stressed Qatar’s commitment to counter terrorism, as well as to co-ordinating co-operation in international events.

He updated his Indian counterpart on the latest developments of the GCC crisis and the illegal measures taken against Qatar.

The minister also expressed his appreciation of India’s neutral position on the crisis, which calls for dialogue.
According to a statement issued by the External Affairs Ministry, the issue of Indian workers’ welfare came up for discussion during meeting between Sheikh Mohamed and Swaraj.

HE Sheikh Mohamed assured India about “the continued safety, welfare and well-being of the Indian community and briefed the Indian side about new labour laws in Qatar which favour expatriate workers,” ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said.

“During the meeting, the Qatari side welcomed the participation of Indian companies through project exports in Qatar’s infrastructure development, including for the ongoing FIFA 2022-related infrastructure, which was welcomed by the Indian side,” the statement said.

Sheikh Mohamed “was briefed about India’s position that peace and security in the Gulf are of paramount importance for the continued progress and prosperity of the region,” the statement added.

“Terrorism, violent extremism and religious intolerance pose grave threat not only to the regional stability but also to the global peace and order. India is of the view that parties should resolve their differences through a process of constructive dialogue and peaceful negotiations,” it added.

The foreign minister separately met with India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, the statement said.

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Yoga Day: India’s PM Narendra Modi leads thousands in practice to mark international day

From the deck of an aircraft carrier to the sub-zero temperatures of a Himalayan military outpost, tens of thousands of Indians have joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi to celebrate the third International Yoga Day.

Rain failed to dampen the spirits of about 50,000 people who joined in an outdoor yoga session with the Prime Minister in a park in Lucknow, capital of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

“Yoga has connected the world with India,” Mr Modi, looking relaxed in white track pants and blue-collared T-shirt, told a cheering crowd.

“Yoga is about health assurance. It is not even expensive to practice.”

Mr Modi’s official Twitter handle, which has more than 30 million followers, has posted pictures of mass yoga sessions in China, Colombia, the United States, Paraguay, Mexico, Italy, Singapore and atop Machu Picchu, a 15th century Inca citadel in Peru.

Yoga was performed on the flight deck of decommissioned Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat.

Yoga was performed on the flight deck of decommissioned Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat.

Social media was flooded with pictures of yoga being performed in various places including an Indian Navy submarine and the landing deck of an aircraft carrier.

“It is not only the world’s longest-serving aircraft carrier but also the world’s longest-serving warship,” top naval officer Puneet Chadha told local media.

“I think the ship must have done lots of pranayamas to be sustaining for so long,” he added, referring to a yogic breathing technique.

India’s President Pranab Mukherjee held a yoga session at the presidential palace and several members of Mr Modi’s cabinet joined similar events across the country.

Mr Modi pushed for the annual event to be celebrated worldwide after winning power in 2014, promoting a lifestyle industry that has grown up around the ancient physical and spiritual discipline and is estimated to be worth around $US106 billion.

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Chenani-Nashri, Jammu and Kashmir’s new lifeline: 10 interesting features of this new road tunnel

Chenani-Nashri, Jammu and Kashmir’s new lifeline: 10 interesting features of this new road tunnel

Chenani-Nashri tunnel: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the Chenani-Nashri tunnel, a 10.9 km road tunnel which will shorten the driving time between Jammu and Srinagar by two hours. Here are 10 interesting features of this new tunnel.

The tunnel, which took seven years to build, will act as an all-weather alternative to the existing Jammu-Srinagar highway. It will link Chenani in Udhampur district with Nashri in Ramban district.

Thanks to the tunnel, the distance between Chenani and Nashri will be reduced to 9.2km from 41km. It will also bypass 44 avalanche – and landslide-prone spots on the highway.

Because it is an all-weather tunnel, it will enable an increase in trade and therefore boost revenue in the state. It will help boost tourism too.

As many as 1,500 engineers, geologists, skilled workers, and also labourers constructed this tunnel.

The National Highways Authority of India spent Rs 3,720 crore on the project.

The tunnel comprises two tubes if you will – the ‘main tunnel’ and the ‘escape tunnel’. The two are internally connected through 29 cross-passages; each is located 300 metres apart.

There are 124 closed-circuit TV cameras for surveillance inside the tunnel. In case of a traffic violation, the control room will inform the traffic police deployed outside the tunnel, who will fine the violators on the spot.

Such a long tunnel could present the problem of a lack of oxygen. To ensure there is no excessive carbon-dioxide build up inside the tunnel, there are several exhaust meters that will check the air all through the length of the tunnel.

This state-of-the-art tunnel will also have parking spots in case a vehicle breaks down.


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