“The Routine Smile" - “Strategy of Living” | Episode 9 - Meet your host Anshu Jain in Conversation with Akshay Randeva | QatarIndians.com

“The Routine Smile” – “Strategy of Living” | Episode 9 – Meet your host Anshu Jain in Conversation with Akshay Randeva

If success is an option to you, then know that you haven’t tried hard enough. Because to those who are committed to success, their life is nothing but a strategy to reach their goal, credibly and powerful.

Our oncoming segment is in conversation with a gentleman who is not merely a strategic thinker, but a master of this art through his experience, beyond his degrees and studies from Harvard Business School, Stanford University, London Business School, IIT and IIM. You will get to learn from him how a proper plan towards living can change the face of life for you and those around you. The wisdom of this soul will make one feel there’s much more to learn. That’s Akshay Randeva for you.

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