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WhatsApp calls are now unblocked in Qatar – Great news for Residents

WhatsApp voice calls have been restored in Qatar. Since 2017, the Voice over IP service of WhatsApp calls in Qatar were blocked. Many residents raised concerns over that as many expats use applications like WhatsApp and Viber. Also, calls over mobile applications will help them to talk with the family in their home country for a long time.

Now WhatsApp users in Qatar can make calls without any disruptions. This is great news to expats living in Qatar who are miles away from their families. 

Some of our users have confirmed that WhatsApp calls are working and they are very happy about it.

Ajith Ashokan, a resident of Qatar and a follower of QatarIndians Facebook Page said that “I used to call my family back in India using WhatsApp voice calls until it was blocked a year ago. I called my father today through WhatsApp, it was so clear like a direct phone call. Am so happy about it.”

Judy K Joy, a decade old resident of Qatar and a regular visitor of QatarIndians.com told us “Am so happy about it. This is a great news. I can talk to them for hours now. I thank all the ones who are behind this move”

QatarIndians.com on behalf of all the Indians thank everyone behind this.

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