Young Qatari Duo plans supplying fuel to consumer doorsteps: i-fuel -

Young Qatari Duo plans supplying fuel to consumer doorsteps: i-fuel

by QI correspondent

I-fuel has won the recently held ‘Al-Fikra Challenges Award’ – a competition organised by the Qatar Development Bank for entrepreneurs to find solutions to some of the challenges that can be turned into business ideas and projects that can serve the country.

The Qatari startup ‘i-fuel’ founded by Doha-based entrepreneurs Nasser Al Kaabi and Jamal Khatib, a unique creation, plans to solve a universal problem faced by motorists – long drawn out queues in petrol stations, waste of valuable time and sometimes even having enough gas or time to reach the nearest station.

iFuel, a new app, which was one of the eight winners of the Al Fikra competition, will soon make fuel delivery a possibility in Qatar.

Qatar has proved its mark many a time in innovation and technology fields and the country’s emphasis on world-class education and on creating avenues for skills development has helped several homegrown talents to flourish both nationally and internationally.

The duo, who won the Al-Fikra 2019 competition, is planning to start delivering petrol to customers across Qatar in the next eight to ten months.

The innovation will make it possible for residents and citizens of Qatar to fill their car tanks with fuel just outside their homes, once the necessary tests are done and approvals have been secured.

The i-fuel app has a catchy tagline “Never stop for petrol again, We Fill, You Chill,”

While presenting the app at the competition, Al Kaabi said, “We take the hassle out of topping-up your vehicle fuel tank by coming to you. Thanks to our at home petrol top-up app, waiting at the gas station will be a matter of past.”

Khatib remarked, “We have finalized a deal with Data Line Software Services to develop the i-fuel application and we are currently working on specifically built trucks to sync with the app. We want to ensure 100 percent accuracy before making this service operational.”

Highlighting that the app inventors have received a great response from concerned authorities.

All required safety standards will be met, Khatib said further, adding that the plan is to currently roll out the service will with four trucks in high traffic areas like The Pearl-Qatar, West Bay and Qatar University and further plans to expand the operations eventually to other areas.

Furthermore, an official from WOQOD was very supportive of the project and the startup company is currently finalising the testing of the application and its trucks.

Khatib added: “We have specific-built trucks that meet the requirements of the Ministry of Energy and Industry, Ministry of Transport and Communications, and WOQOD. And with the help of WOQOD we’re going to operate successfully.

‘i-fuel’s’ solution will feature its own metre system which will be connected to a mobile phone. This will show the price and litres ordered.

Khatib said: “You can connect your car to your phone, see how much you want to fill. In case you don’t want to connect to your mobile phone, we basically deliver to your house and you pay by cash and you get the receipt.

Fuel prices will be identical to standard petrol prices set by the relevant authorities with a service charge of QR18, Khatib mentioned.

So Qatari citizens and residents eagerly await the time when they can use the app to book a date for fuel top-up. All they have to do is leave their vehicle’s fuel cap open and the rest will be taken care of by i-fuel.

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